11 DIY Coasters

coasters Collage

Making gifts and your own decor for you house or apartment is so fun! (I think so anyways). With coasters you can personalize for that special person or make a set that is totally you! Here are some inspirational starter ideas!

1 – Sheet Music

sheet music coasters

2 – Wood Coasters

wood coasters

3 – Mini Pallets

mini wood pallet coasters

4 – Scrabble Pieces

scrabble coasters

5 – Tree Ring Coasters

natural branch coasters

6 – Beer Labels

beer lable coasters

7 – Photos

photo coasters

8 – Gold Lettering

gold words coasters

9 – Stencil

stencil coasters

10 – Mini Rafts

stick coasters

11 – Spurs (Sports Teams)

spurs coasters

12 – City Life

pittsburg coasters

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke