11 Refreshing Summertime Wine Cocktails

WIne Spritzers Collage

Time to relax in the sun with your ladies and enjoy the sweet, fruity, crisp flavors that only a wine spritzer or sangria can deliver. Here are some great ones to try this weekend!

1 – Wine Smoothie
wine smoothie2 – Red Wine Berry Spritzer

red wine berry spritzer

3 – Pomegranate White Wine Spritzer
pomegranate white wine spritzer
4 – Sweet Tea Sangria
sweet tea sangria
5 – Peach White Wine Slushies
peach white wine slushies
6 – Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco
raspberry limoncello prosecco
7 – Cucumber Sangria
cucumber sangria
 8 – Strawberry Peach Sangria
strawberry peach sangria
9 – Watermelon Moscato Slushies
watermelon moscato slushy
10 – Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer
grapefruit white wine spritzer
11 – Pineapple Strawberry Mint Spritzer
pineapple strawberry mint spritzer

Stay Inspired!

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