12 Reasons You Should Drink More Wine


Everyone seems to think they have found the secret to stay healthy in this world full of temptations. Drink a green smoothie everyday. Workout at the gym 3-4 days a week. Drink more water. Cut all carbs. Well, these rules are sometime hard to follow all the time! And now there are definite, scientifically proven reasons to drink more wine – it’s healthy for you! The gym!? Save the membership fees. Vegetables? Wine is made from fruit! Drink on everyone. Here are 12 reasons you should be drinking more wine. Start today!


1 – Prevents Heart Disease

heart heatlth

A glass of red wine a day and help reduce your chances of getting heart disease.

2 – Enhances Food Flavors

enhance food flavors

Wine has the ability to enhance the flavors of our favorite foods.

3 – Prevents Gum Disease

gum diseaseWant better gums? Drink wine!

 4 – Fun Crafts

wine cork crafts

wine bottle crafts

Build a nifty cork chair, and decorate your empty wine bottles. We know you have plenty…

5 – Contains Antioxidants

wine antioxidants

Antioxidants = Heart Healthy. Wine = Healthy

6 – Wine Ice Cream


Uh… Where was I?!

7 – Fights Depression

wine depression

In moderation it can help with depression. But not a bottle a night.

8 – Improves Hearing

wine hearing loss

What did you say? Do I want another glass of Merlot? Yes please!

9 – Prevents Blood Clots

prevent blood clots

Aka strokes. Wine prevents stokes.

10 – Prevents Growth of Fat Cells

My head says go to gym and my heart says drink more wine

The Gym? No thanks.

11 – Live Longer

Seniors Drinking ChampagneYou only have to be young at heart.

12 – Awesome T-shirts

yoga wine

merlot shirtIt’s like you’re in a club.

Stay Inspired!

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