13 Edible & Adorable Serving Bowls

edible bowls Collage

What’s cuter than making little edible serving bowls! Nothing. the answer is nothing. Plus you can skip on the dished – win win! Here are some creative ways to turn food into bowls for your next party.

1 – Bell Pepper Dip Bowl

bell pepper bowl

2 – Cabbage Dip Bowl

cabbage bowl

3 – Waffle Cone Serving Cup for Fruit

waffle cone for fruit

4 – Chocolate Ice Cream Bowl


5 – Dripping Chocolate Serving Bowl

dripped chocolate bowl

6 – Watermelon Rhine Bowl

watermelon bowl

7 – Bread Bowl

bread bowls

8 – Bacon Cup

bacon bowl

9 – Cookie Cup

sugar cookie bowl

10 – Baked Beans In An Onion Bowl

baked-beans-onion bowl

11 – Pumpkin Serving Bowl

pumpkin bowl

12 – Jumbo Pasta Shell Bowl

pasta shell bowl

13 – Apple Ice Cream Bowl

apple bowls

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke