17 DIY Centerpieces For Your Next Outdoor Garden Party

centerpiece collage

Time to be girlie this Spring and plan a backyard Garden Party. Here are some DIY centerpiece ideas to make an impression and set the mood for your elegant party.

1 – Trash To Treasure Centerpiece

mason-jar-centerpices trash to treasure

2 – Florals and Candles Centerpiece


3 – Nautical Rope Centerpiece

nautical rope centerpiece

4 – Wooden Box with Candles Centerpiece

candle in box cage centerpiece

5 – Branch Centerpiece

branch centerpiece

6 – Candle Ring Centerpiece

candle ring centerpiece

7 – Flat Branch and Floral Centerpiece

flat branch centerpiece

8 – Paint Stir Stick Flower Box Centerpiece

diy paint stir stick flower box

9 – Pink Pedals and Floating Candles Centerpiece

pink floral centerpiece

10 – Glowing Submersible Centerpiece

glowing submersible centerpiece

11 – Floral and Sand Centerpiece

diy floral and sand centerpiece

12 – Hydrangea Flower Box Centerpiece

hydrangea box centerpiece

13 – Italian Romantic Centerpiece

romantic centerpiece

14 – Floating Candle with Citronella Oil Centerpiece

floating candle with citronella

15 – Birdcage Centerpiece

birdcage centerpiece

16 – Table Length Floral Centerpiece

table length flower centerpiece

17 – Blue Floral and Candle Centerpiece

blue floral and candle centerpiece

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Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke