30th Birthday Surprise Party

balloon surprise

Shhhh… can you keep it a secret!? Your best bud is turning the Dirty Thirty and you need to find the perfect way to humiliate and honor their oldness. Now, you can play it few ways, make it classy – now that you are entering your 30’s. Or maybe a throwback into childhood! With kid games, food and decorations to remind you that you are old now. Or just a big college beer fest and all that goes along with it. Plan something that they will love and remember forever!

The Invitation

This sets the theme so all the guest know what to expect, how to dress, and what kind of gift to bring.

thirsty 30 invitation


Pull out all the stops to decorate the space with 30 themed signs and puns.. to remind them they are old now. A cuter and tamer attempt is to tie memorable photos to balloons and fill the room.

30 sucks suckers

omg 30 signs

balloon photos

Giant Yard Games That Makes You Feel Like A Kid Again

There are ton of giant yard games to bring you back to your childhood! Turn it into the adult version. There’s are life size beer pong as an option!

giant jenga

The Menu

Finger foods, a fancy spread, order in pizza whatever! Remember to match the theme and more or less a universal menu to appeal to all guests.

food menu

The Cake

The cake. The only thing that matters. Tall ironic candles, or maybe a pinata cake! Find the best ideas here!

birthday cake


Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke