5 Labor Day Party Theme Ideas

labor day Collage

Last Chance To Wear White

Labor Day marks the last day of Summer.. and the last time you can wear white until next Memorial Day.. the  horror! Have your guest dress the part, decorate the tables with white linens and serve white foods like desserts!

white party decorations

white tablescapes

white desserts

The Working-Man’s Holiday

Today is a holiday dedicated to the working-man… the blue collar hard working father and husband who wears blue jeans. (Well it was more so accepted and honored way back when) But so carry on the tradition and decorate with denim. Make it an All-American Potluck-BBQ with the red, white, and blue decor.


bbq potluck

denim pot holder

denim utensil holder

Labor-Free Build Your Own Labor Day (Fill In The Blank) Bar

You have the day off from work.. soooo you shouldn’t be working hard on your paid holiday (Monday for that matter, thank goodness) Make it a Build Your Own Burger Bar, Hot Dog Bar, Cocktail Bar, etc.. Easy clean up and no cooking involved.

burger bar

hot dog bar

ice cream social

lemonade bar

Neighborhood Clambake

A great tradition that isn’t always used here in the Midwest. The coasts often grill, boil, or bake seafood and gather as many people to help celebrate Labor Day. A little suggestion: have fresh grilled salmon available on hand for those that are allergic to shellfish.


grilled salmon

lobster roll

Anchors Aweigh – Nautical Labor Day Party

My favorite theme for Labor Day is to party like you own a yacht. And maybe you do, and so you already know how to party like a Captain, but if you don’t here’s how to pull it off. Check out the whole description in our Nautical Labor Day Blog.

Table Linens and Decorations

Nautical Swag Bag

Stay Inspired!

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