7 Drunken Ice Cream Treats

ice cream cone cake

Sunday Sundae! So there’s cocktails… great. Ice cream… amazing. Boozey drunken ice cream morsels of heavenly goodness… Mind. Blown. Why haven’t I made or tried these sooner? The summer weekends are a short window here in Minnesota, so pass on the ice cream truck and get in the kitchen and make some these tipsy cold treats!

Toppings Bar

ice cream toppings bar

Ice Cream Syrups

ice cream syrups

Brown Sugar Brandy Ice Cream

brown sugar brandy ice cream

Coconut Rum Ice Cream

coconut rum ice cream

Drunken Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

drunken cherry vanilla ice cream

Margarita Ice Cream

margarita ice cream

Red Wine Ice Cream

red wine ice cream

Strawberry Champagne Ice Cream

strawberry champagne ice cream

Beer Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

beer ice cream chocolate chip sandwiches

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke