8 Haunted Halloween Cocktails

green halloween cocktail

Who’s ready to get crazy this Halloween!!!?? This is only time of the year it’s encouraged to go off that green smoothie diet and binge on candy you took from your kids (because they can’t eat ALL of it, right?!) and drink drinks made with black vodka, vampire’s blood, and ghost guts! Dress up in your sexiest or funniest costume, get high on sugar, and drink until you start to warm up to what your hubby decided to be for Halloween (insert inappropriate or embarrassing costume here… ) Get inspired with some Halloween cocktail recipes to keep your party going and full of Spirit all night!!


1 – Candy Corn Cocktail

candy corn cocktail


2 – Blood Sucker Cocktail

blood sucker


3 – Black Widow Cocktail

black widow_cocktail_1


4 – Cocktails with Dry Ice

Halloween drink dry ice


5 – Red Zombie Cocktail



6 – Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail

vampire kiss


7 – Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail



8 – Ghost Guts Cocktail

ghost cocktail


When in doubt… add eyeballs.

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke