8 Must-Haves for Friendsgiving


Friendsgiving is all the trend. It’s super popular with the 20-30-somethings. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends around the holidays, but there’s also another reason it’s the best holiday. There’s food that wouldn’t be served at grandma’s (like, way better! Don’t tell grandma though…) There’s also no conversations about why you’re not married or when are you having babies!? There is just great, simple, awesome food, and awesome drinks. Lots of drinks. Here are some great must-haves that I find to be necessary to throw a kick-ass Friendsgiving!


1 – Turkey – Bacon Wrapped Turkey

bacon wrapped turkey

You are NOT going to find this at your family’s Thanksgiving feast. Only true friends know you must cover everything in bacon!

2 – Cocktails – Autumn Sangria


Autumn Sangria

A simple yet delicious cocktail that you can serve without putting too much effort into it. But remember to ask your friends to bring a bottle of wine to share (because you know you each can drink your own bottle… truth.)

3 – Clingks – Hilarious Drink Markers

Clingks Drink Markers - Opposites Attract

Get your complete set here! 4 for $20 special going on now! (enter coupon code 4FOR20 -valid till Dec. 31st)  It will be the talk of the party… who are you going to be on Friendsgiving?

4 – Dessert – Cupcake-in-a-Jar


So there’s no fighting over portions… everyone gets their own and no one has to share. We are still kids when it comes to dessert. Here’s how you keep it fair.

5 – Game – It Might Get a Little Crazy

cards against humanity

If you have never played – this is a great game! And any game on thanksgiving usually turns into a drinking games anyways… so it doesn’t matter which your favorite is! But get out there and play some games on Friendsgiving!

6 – Tablescape – Keep it Casual

thanksgiving tablescape

It’s your friends.. plates don’t have to match! But coordinate the colors and stick with a theme. They’ll appreciate the unique table layout and decor.

7 – Sweet Potato – Slice it or Mash it

sweet potato

Friends don’t let friends come to a Friendsgiving and not serve a Sweet Potato dish. That’s just inhumane. What are we animals? Make extra… because some people (without naming names… so we will call her Sister) could eat the whole casserole.

8 – Decoration – Welcome Your Friends

thanksgiving signThere’s a ton of cute and inspirational signs out there you can buy or create! Make up your own or get inspired with Thanksgiving themed phrases!


Last, but not least… if you are going to take on the task of being the host, make sure you have plenty of extra blankets and pillows, or taxi cab numbers readily available. You may be having a Friendsgiving sleepover later.


Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke