8 Wine Pairing Party Ideas

wine pairing Collage

If you are heading to the Food and Wine Show this weekend in Minneapolis, stop by Clingk’s booth and say hi! Pick up your complementary Clingk for your tasting glass for the day too!

What a better way to gear up for the Food and Wine show than to host your very own wine pairing party! Here are some great tips to get you inspired.

1 – Wine (+ Beer) & Cheese Pairings

wine and beer and cheese parings

2 – Wine, Meat & Fish Pairings

wine and meat pairings

3 – Wine & Chocolate Pairings

wine and chocolate pairing

4 – Wine & Cupcakes Pairings


5 – Wine & Burgers Pairings


6 – Wine & Girl Scout Cookies Pairings

girl scout cookies and wine pairing

7 – Wine & Herbs Pairings

herbs and wine pairing

8 – Wine & Pizza Pairings

pizza and wine pairing

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke