9 Things To Make In Your Ice Cube Tray That’s Not Ice

During my nightly Pinterest black-hole sesh, I’ve been coming across some really innovated hacks, or alternative-use type DIY things. Things for food, the home, decor, kitchen, etc.. A lot has been around my new pup, River! Pitador! Super cute 5 month old little snuggler. Melts my heart. Anyhoo… there were ideas for DIY pup treats, and frozen chicken broth cubes.. which got me to the other-side of Pinterest and onto other foods (for humans) that you can make in nice trays! Now, I have a freezer that makes ice cubes.. so I don’t have any trays.. BUT Amazon sure did! 🙂 I got he pop-out ones with lids! Now to try out some of these yummy frozen treats, just in time for Summer!

1 – Cheesecake Bites

Take your favorite cheesecake recipe and add some berries on top, and freeze! Use popsicle sticks and BOOM you have dessert on a stick, ready for summer!

2 – Dark Chocolate Bites

Everyone love chocolate.. and I’m a sucker for dark chocolate. I usually buy a bag of mini dark chocolate chips and keep them in the freezer for a quick sugar fix! When you melt/freeze chocolate, add in yummy bits like chopped nuts, dried fruit, caramels you get a super-chocolate treat

3 – Herbs and Olive Oil

This trick has been around for a while.. especially if you have a lot of fresh herbs that are on the verge of going bad. Add oilive oil and your herbs in the little ice tray spot and freeze. When you need some for cooking – BOOM ready to saute.

4 – Mint Ice for Cocktails

Can’t freeze booze, BUT you can freeze cocktail ingredients! Not only for convenience and to keep the drink chilled.. but because it’s fun, ok!? Add in your chopped mint leaves and then pour water in to fill the tray. Freeze for a few hours before use. Great for Mojitos! Or Mock-Mojitos!

5 – Coffee

Have these bad boys ready all summer long! Add to milk, or other coffee! Add some to your White Russian Cocktail!

6 – Fruit Juice Cubes for Mimosas

This seems fun… pour yourself a glass of champs, add in your frozen fruit juice.. MIMOSAS ON THE PATIO!

7 – Cucumber Ice for your Cucumber Detox

Smash up that cucumber to get cuc-juice.. so put it in a blender. I’m serious! Then add it to the ice trays. This summer, crack open a plain sparkling water and add to a glass full of these frozen cucumber juice cubes. So good. Add some fresh fruit to enhance the flavor! Clean out those kidneys!

8 – Lemon and Lime Frozen Treats

SO easy.. chop up some lemons and lime to fit the ice cube tray.. add water.. freeze.. instant garnish

9 – Ravioli

This is pretty genius. Have you seen this hack?! Using your favorite homemade ravioli recipe, lay the bottom layer of the pasta over the ice tray, gently working the pasta in the tray. Add your filling. Lay the top lay over the tray; trim the extra pasta off the sides. Flip the ice tray over, and cut the pieces apart with a pizza/rolling cutter. Done.

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke