Clingks Drink Markers A Win for Hostess and Guest

The Hip & Humorous Wine Charm Alternative Is Easier to Use and Remember Than Traditional Wine Charms

life-too-short-cheap-wineIt happens all the time.  You’re at a party and set down your drink.  You go to pick it up, and it’s gone.  Or worse, there are 2 more glasses next to yours.  All the glasses look the same and you can’t tell which one is yours.  As you reach for the fullest glass, you notice the person next to you has a terrible cough.  You don’t want what he’s got so you leave it and go get a new glass and pour a new drink.

As an experienced hostess, Steph Wiestling has seen this countless times.  Once she switched to the popular stemless glasses, she needed a new type of wine charm – one that wouldn’t snag on sleeves, or be knocked off the glass.  One that would add something fun to the party without being intrusive.  And most importantly, one that people would remember.

That’s when she created Clingks® drink markers, static cling vinyl labels adorned with funny and sassy sayings, to use at her parties.  Guests loved them and begged to know where they could buy some, and so her business was born.

She now has 23 themed sets and makes custom labels for wineries, breweries, resorts, gift shops, sports teams, weddings, and more.  Party planner Nicole creates complete party themes on the Clingks.com blog for party inspiration without the guesswork.

Thanks to Steph and her Clingks®, the hostess no longer has to do extra dishes so you can avoid catching someone’s cold.  A win for everyone.