April Showers Bring May {Cocktail} Flowers

Did you know that you can ingest some of your favorite flowers!? YES! Some are edible! And pair nicely with booze! YAY! Here are some flowery cocktail combos to try this Spring and Summer!

Rose Water, Lemonade and Vodka

Pretty much how it sounds! Start with a shot of vodka, add an 2 oz rosewater and fill the rest of the glass with lemonade! Add some pretty Micro Marigolds as garnish — they are citrusy!

White Wine infused with Chamomile

Pour some of your fave white wine a jar or glass.. add in a bunch of fresh chamomile and let it sit for a few hours. Ad ins lemon peel or two.. take out the flowers and DRINK UP!

Pansies, Cucumber and Gin

Mix together 1 oz gin, a few cucumber slices, simple syrup. Add Pansies and Calendulas for garnish!

Strawberry, Wine and Jasmine

Combine 5 oz Rose Wine, 2 oz Jasmine Liqueur, a little bit of Angostura bitters,, simple syrup and a strawberry. Garnish with Snapdragon flowers!

Chamomile, Honey and Whiskey

A shot or 2 of Whiskey, mix with prepared chamomile tea, add a few teaspoons of honey to taste. Garnish with lemons and fresh Chamomile flowers!

Hibiscus Bubbly

That’s right, champagne and flowers! Blop the flower at the bottom of the glass, add in a little hibiscus syrup, 1 oz of elderflower liqueur, and fill with champagne or prosecco


What other flower drinks recipes do you have!?

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke