Last Minute Halloween Cocktails Ideas… Because Life

Halloween this year is on a Tuesday, and have I bought candy yet? Oh, you bet I haven’t! The neighbor kiddos are going to be shuffling around the cul de sac in the cold, dark MN evening (maybe even snow?!)… with the cutest ones just barely learning to walk! I can’t wait! We finally moved to a neighborhood with young couples with kids who take their kids trick or treating! However… for those of us going the opposite direction and throwing an over 21 years of age gathering who want to have adult beverages, here are some cleverly-named Halloween-Themed Cocktails!

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You Need To Throw A Wine Deck Party Now


There’s noting like having people over and enjoying some wine on the patio or deck 🙂 It’s just the best! Here are some great things I found on Etsy to help you pull off your Wine Deck Party! [Read more…]

The “Lake Life” Survival Kit

When life hands you a lake… your build a cabin on it and swim, eat, drink and play until you have to go back to work!!! Before packing up the SUV and hooking up the boat, make sure to double-check your list. Does it include an awesome unicorn floatie for your beer? No? Well then you’re not finished with your list. Add these 6 extremely necessary things (PS, you may have to stop at a grocery store on the way to the cabin) and I guarantee a good ole time at the lake 🙂   [Read more…]

5 Boozey Margarita Desserts

If I had a choice between eating my cocktail or drinking it.. I’d choose eat every single time. I love food too much!! Margaritas are fun and festive, it feels like a PARTY when I drink a margarita, like a special occasion! So pour those tequila bottles into a mixing bowl and eat your way through these out-of-this-world Margarita Desserts! 🙂    [Read more…]