10 Ways To Reuse Wine Bottles

wine bottles Collage

One of the perks of crafting with wine bottles is you must drink the wine first! 🙂 If you’re like me, you save all your corks and bottles hoping to get a weekend free to put your creativity to work. Here are some great and unique ways to decorate and reuse a wine bottle for a gift or to decorate your home!

1 – Dish Soap Dispenser

dish soap wine bottle

2 – DIY “Home” Decorative Bottles

diy decorative home wine bottles

3 – Citronella Candles

citonella candle wine bottle

4 – Dry Food Dispenser

lentils holder wine bottle

5 – Herb Planter

planter wine bottle

6 – Outdoor Torch Light

outdoor torche light wine bottle

7 – Painted “Love” Vases

love vase wine bottle

8 – Wine Bottle Wrapping


9 – Chalkboard Paint


10 – Bird Feeder

wine bottle bird feeder

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8 Table-Setting Ideas For Your Next Dinner Party

table settingCollage

Having some guests over for a meal, but you’re not sure how to set the table? What the theme should be? How matchy-matchy do you have to be? I also found some inspiring table stetting for all-too-popular weddings. The main idea here is to have fun! It definitely doesn’t have to be a formal affair every time you have a dinner party. So go crazy.

brunch table setting
Winter Wedding

winter wedding table setting

Garden Party

garden party table setting


beach coastal table setting

French Farm

french farm table setting


outdoor table setting 1

Mix and Match

mix and match table setting

Rustic Wedding

rustic winter wedding table setting


autumn table setting

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11 DIY Coasters

coasters Collage

Making gifts and your own decor for you house or apartment is so fun! (I think so anyways). With coasters you can personalize for that special person or make a set that is totally you! Here are some inspirational starter ideas!

1 – Sheet Music

sheet music coasters

2 – Wood Coasters

wood coasters

3 – Mini Pallets

mini wood pallet coasters

4 – Scrabble Pieces

scrabble coasters

5 – Tree Ring Coasters

natural branch coasters

6 – Beer Labels

beer lable coasters

7 – Photos

photo coasters

8 – Gold Lettering

gold words coasters

9 – Stencil

stencil coasters

10 – Mini Rafts

stick coasters

11 – Spurs (Sports Teams)

spurs coasters

12 – City Life

pittsburg coasters

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DIY: How To Make A Backyard Skating Rink

How great would it be to have your very own ice rink right in your own backyard! You and your kids can play hockey, ice stake, or even learn to skate for the first time! And the best part is that you don’t have to leave your yard. You can make it as big or small as you have room for; it’s super easy and inexpensive!

Build You Own Backyard Ice Rink

By: Kathy Woods; find the full blog here on Chicago Parent

staking rink

There’s only a few things you’ll need: wood, plastic, water, and a couple of days (depending on how cold it is)

1 – Decide on how big you want the rink, and pick up some lumber. Should be a couple inches thick and as long as your desired ice rink. Nail or screw the ends together for a sturdy frame.

2 – You’ll need heavy plastic, and it needs to be a little bigger than the rink size itself. Tuck it under the frame. Even staple-gun it to the inside of the frame to secure it.

3 – Now it’s time to freeze some water! It’s imperative that you allow each layer to freeze before adding more water. Fill a couple inches at a time and let it freeze completely before adding another layer. This will ensure it freezes evenly.

4 – Time to stake! Enjoy what you’ve created with friends and family.

Invite the neighbor kids and parents for some neighborhood fun! Check back to our Winter Outdoor Party blog for some entertaining tips to add to the outdoor winter fun!


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