Throw A Bridal Shower via Etsy For Under $100

Ahh, spring time is here. The season of new beginnings, gardening, and endless bridal showers. Hosting the party? If your budget is tight, take some notes. Here are 7 items you can purchase on Etsy today and spend under $100. That’s right, $88.48 to be exact (minus food and drinks). From the invites to games, Etsy and Clingks have your bridal-shower-back!

1 – Invitations – $13

When you buy a printable invite, you buy the template, so all you have to do is print at home!

From ForwardPraises

2 – Drink Markers – Clingks – “Wedding Bells” – $9.99

Add a set of Clingks’ Wedding Bells drink markers, or design customized wine glass charms with endless color options and your very own witty sayings! Here is the list of all the static-cling drink markers included in the Wedding Bells Clingks set:

blushing bride  —  gallant groom  —  wedding survivor

just here for the drinks  —  lord of the ring  —  always a bridesmaid

the crazy uncle  —  re-gifter   —  single on purpose  —  dances with anyone

chicken dance master  —  reception line budger

From Clingks

wedding bells clingks

3 – Party Favors – $0.75 each (Budget for 30 guests – $22.50)

Customizable soaps with labels are a great way to say “thanks for coming!” Little favors are all you need – no one expects a fancy-shmancy gift from the host, just something that says THANK YOU!

From RogueValleySoap

4 – Mimosa Bar Sign – $4

Adorable sign to place at the brunch and mimosa table. Another printable.

From BlueBunnyBride 

5 – Photo Booth Props – $6.99

Photo booths are still in people! Whether it’s a home made booth with a cloth back-drop or a full-out rented booth, having some cute (and family-friendly) sayings!

From CastilloPK

6 – Printable Games – $12

Printables printables printables! They will save you time and MONEY! You buy the template for super cheap, and then you can print it at home if you want – or even take it to your local printing company, like a Kinkos or even

From BrideandBows

bridal shower games printables

7 – Gold Giant Balloons “Bride To Be” – $19.99

This we can label as a SPLURGE purchase. Is it needed? Eh… probably. But if it comes down to purchasing these balloons or another 5 bottles of champagne, uh… no brainer. (And yes, I’m implying you buy the $4 bottles of champagne :))

From ABridalShop

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Halloween Costume Party Essentials


Halloween is approaching, need some fresh ideas? Host a costume party with a twist! Want to make sure your guests (even the stubborn ones who “don’t like Halloween”) dress up? Try these out to get the group together for a nice of Halloween fun!

1 – Group Costume Ideas


2 – DIY Costume Trophies


3 – Tap a Pumpkin


4 – Ultimate Playlist


5 – Photo BOO-th


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13 Social Clubs (Or Excuses) To Meet New Friends & Drink More Wine (Or Coffee)


We are all so attached to our smartphones – constantly isolating ourselves. For a couple hours a month, get together with friends and strangers to enjoy something other than electronics. Plus, its a great excuse to chat, catch up, gossip, drink wine, sip on coffee, just enjoy one another’s company. Some of these are actually clubs you can start or join existing ones! But a few of them I just thought up and thought “huh, that would be fun!” but I’m sure some degree of these clubs exist already. What other ideas am I missing?!

1 – Book Club

Classic. And everyone “reads” the book I’m sure.


2 – Knitting Club

A huge trend amongst the millennials! So is the next one.


3 – Crafting Club

Take a Pinterest idea and try to recreate it. Nailed It.


4 – Garden Club

Another classic woman’s club (excuse) for getting together every 1st Thursday of the month. Who knows, you may learn how to keep that ficus in your apartment alive!


5 – Movie Club

Enjoy flicks old and/or new!? Join or create a fun movie club! Don’t forget the popcorn 🙂


6 – Coffee Club

I’m sure this would be a hit around this time of year… PSL OMG! Haha

Students sitting around table drinking coffee in college cafe

7 – Drinking Club

I narrowed this down into one category – think Wine Club, Beer Club (Brewers Club), Cocktail Club? etc…


8 – Cooking Club

Love cooking, hate cooking, can’t cook, need inspiration… whatever the motivation is – cook something.


9 – Photography Club

I’ve heard of this, a group of people go around their city and take pictures and trade tips and tricks with one another for the best photo. Be sure you have an #insta account.


10- Running Club

Eh… I’m not a super fan of this one. But Running is a huge thing – so why run alone!? Unless you want to be alone, then that’s ok.


11 – Board Game Club

Game night! Game nights seem to be more of an up-and-coming trend with the 20/30 year olds these days. When you were younger and forced to play at Family Nights – (you all know what I’m talking about) that wasn’t so appealing… But now you can have a cocktail 🙂


12 – Poker (Cards) Club

I’m not suggesting a gambling support group to fuel your addiction.. but simply friendly nights of cards!


13 – Recipe Club

Inspired by my friend: Everyone meets at a bar, brings a recipe to share, throws it in the middle of the table… and then drinks for a few hours. Pretty simple. The kicker is, every month when they meet, they all pool $10 or so, and at the end of the year they donate the money to a charity of their choice. Now that’s a great excuse to get together with your gals!


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Spectacular Home Parties To Host This Season


Sometimes, we all just want a relaxing night in with the girls and get pampered.. or shop from home! Have a girls night, pop open a few bottles of wine, and invite over a super fun gal to host your Direct Sales party! There are some REALLY great companies out there now selling direct and still offering home parties! You can shop for clothes, jewelry, food, beauty products and more! This is just another reason having a set of Clingks can come in handy for your next girls night in! 🙂 Have one or MORE vendors come to your home party, depending on how big your audience will be.

LulaRoe Party

lula roe

Arbonne Party


Jamberry Party
Pure Romance Party

pure romance party

Touch of Truffles
touch of truffle
Thirty-One Gifts Party
thirty-one gifts
Paparazzi Accessories Party
paparazzi accessories
BeautyCounter Party
Younique Party
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