18 Foods Made With The One Best Ingredient: Wine


Maybe I’ve been on recipe-finding binge lately, or maybe I’m in a wine-obsessed mood 🙂 But I wanted to show the world how you could find great tasting recipes using wine! Red and white (I don’t discriminate). Drink and eat your wine… what a world we live in. Enjoy these 18 recipes! (Psst, this weekend is perfect timing to try some of these out if you’re having a football pot-luck!)

1 – White Wine Cake

white wine cake 2 pn

2 – Red Wine Chocolate Cake

chocolate red wine loaf

3 – Red Wine Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese Tartlets

red wine carmalized onions and goat cheese

4 – Peach Wine Popsicles


5 – Red Wine Beef Stew

red wine beef stew

6 – Strawberry Moscato Cake


7 – Red Wine Truffles


8 – Red Wine Poached Pears

red wine poached pears

9 – Red Wine Cookies

red wine cookies

10 – Slower Cooker Red Wine Roast Beef


11 – White Wine Cheese Fondue

white wine cheese fondue

12 – Red Wine Hot Chocolate


13 – Red Wine Ice Cream

red wine ice cream

14 – Moscato Ice Cream

moscato ice cream

15 – Red Wine Brownies

red wine brownies

16 – Merlot Meatballs

merlot meatballs

17 – Cheesecake With Wine Gelee


18 – Wine Butter

wine butter

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nicole longendyke

What You Need For An Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie Collage

Take in a movie with friends and family… OUTSIDE! The weather is still tolerable, and the bugs are going away (sort of). Why not make a night of it, stay “out” and watch a great flick! I did all the heavy lifting and found some great ideas to incorporate into your night; from the invitations to DIY fame and screen instructions! Oh, and don’t forget the snacks 😉


Under the Stars

upnder the starts invite

Movie Ticket







Blow Up Pool

swimming pool

pool bed

Wood Pallets

beds wood pallets


blankets and pillows

DIY Movie Screen


pvc frame

outdoor movie screen



Popcorn Bar

popcorn bar 1

Popcorn Flavor Shakers

popcorn flavor shakers

Candy Stand

candy stand

DIY Snack Trays

diy snack tray


Sangria Bar

sangria bar

Soda Bar

soda bar

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17 Must-Haves At Your Rainbow Party

It’s time to celebrate! Ever wanted to throw a color party but couldn’t decide on a color? Or how about a pride party and wanted some ideas on how to make it fabulous and unique? Here are some Rainbow Party ideas, from food, drinks, decor and games!! Well.. the one and only game… Enjoy!

Fruit and Veggie Trays

Rainbow Fruit Tray

rainbow veggie tray
Colorful Salsa


Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

rainbow cake

Rainbow Lemon and Orange

rainbow lemons

Buttercream Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes

rainbow swirl cupcakes

Lollipop Treats

lolipop gift

Rainbow Sangria

rainbow sangria

Champagne Sherbet Floats

champagne floats

Skittles Vodka

skittles vodka

Rainbow Backdrop

rainbow back drop


rainbow table cloth

Flower Centerpieces

rainbow centerpieces

Colorful Hanging Lanterns

rainbow lanters

Paper Plates

rainbow paper plates

Paper Straws

rainbow paper straws

The One-and-Only Twister


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Bunco Party Checklist

This summer, gather your girls for a night in and get your Bunco on!! What!? You haven’t played before!!?? What a perfect excuse to throw a girl’s night! Here are some cute ideas for your Bunco Night! Instructions included 🙂

How To Play

how to play bunco

Prize Pot

bunco prize pot

Bunco Printables

bunco printables

Bunco Themed Plates

bunco plates

Pineapple Sangria


Bunco Night Clingks

Hilarious and sassy Bunco themed glass tags from Clingks drink markers. Only $5.99 for a set of 12.

Dice Cupcakes

dice cupcakes

Gift Bags

bunco gift bags

Stay Inspired!

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