Are you a food, drink or party blogger?  A Clingks customer or reseller?  Submit your photos to be featured on the Clingks blog!  We love finding new and fun ideas for getting together and having fun and look forward to your submissions!

Send your photos and recipes to with the subject line SUBMISSIONS: CATEGORY (replacing the word Category with the actual category, of course).  Please specify which of the following categories your photos and recipes fit into:

  • Drinks All Around:  Cocktails and mocktails, apertifs to after-dinner-drinks and anything in between.  Please include recipes if you can.
  • Just Desserts:  If it’s liquid dessert, it belongs above.  Any other sweets belong here.  Please include recipes or instructions if you can.
  • Party Food:  Family style meals, tiny food passed on trays, apps, sides and entrees all belong here.  Please include recipes if you can.
  • Entertaining Tips: This is where your party decor, napkin folding tricks, how-to’s, food and drink calculator infographics and that sort of thing belong.
  • Dinner Party Ideas:  Photos of actual parties, weddings and events belong here to inspire us!
  • Wednesday Wine:  All things wine; pairings, tasting tips, winery spotlights, seasonal wines and more.
  • Show us your Clingks:  if you used our drink markers in any way, show us the pics and we’ll share them here!  Lots of ideas for using them in unique ways are always appreciated.  (It’s ok to think outside the glass!)

Include URLs for vendors and/or participants for full credit where appropriate, but no spam, please.  Photos should be 600px or wider, web res is just fine.  Give us as many deets as you can (who, what, why, where, when, how, etc.).