How To Make This Valentine’s Day Sexier Than Ever

valentines red roses champagne

The one holiday were the dress code is sexy lingerie… or let’s face it, optional 🙂

Make your man or girl drool over you this Valentine’s, and make it the sexiest Valentine’s ever! Here are some great ideas to get your night started. They are both sexy to get you into the mood, and romantic to bring that spark back into your lives. Let’s just say – make sure the kids stay at your parents for the night.


Sure you can work in the cliche champagne. But let’s spice it up a bit and give her what she really wants… Chocolate. Chocolate wine and a Sexy Goddess Martini.

chocolate wine

sexy goddess martini


This takes “treasure hunt” to a whole new level. Place notes and clues for your love all around the house and make them work for their prize. And/or play a little “lovin’ routet” and pick up this adult Jenga game and play out what the piece tells you to do.

valentines treasure hunt

sexy jenga game


The most important (listen up guys) is to set the mood. Make it romantic. Nothing to get your love to fall in love with you all over again than to turn your favorite room in the house into a romantic oasis. Don’t forget the candles and red roses.


candles bathtub

Vow to be sexy, daring, and to fall in love all over again this Valentine’s.

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke