How To Succeed At Your First Grown-Up Pool Party

Dos and Don’ts for an End Of Summer Pool Party are a must have. This may be the last time to really showcase how much you’ve grown and spread your wings over the summer.  Or maybe the last chance to redeem yourself from the last few parties where you may have a few too many Raspberry Daquiris and pizza rolls. So here key fool-proof tips to get you through this last HOORAH!

What To Bring

What should one bring to a pool party that would help their social status.. hmm.. maybe something that can be used socially and shared or a conversation starter! Bring your famous appetizer or a great party drink that can be made in a large batch and can be quickly and easily assembled at the host’s house. Try and stay pretty general, don’t pick something that requires “acquired tastes” because it will be a bust. Her is a few ideas to jot down:

 Pineapple Salsa. A crowd favorite really, with a sweet kick of pineapple! Find the Recipe Here

Flamingo Floatie Koozies – Order a couple of them to pass around! You’ll start to be “The Guy With The Drink Floaties!” You can find them on Etsy by HappyMailBtq

Blanket and or Towel. Honestly, you don’t want to be the only guy who forgot a towel and now you have to ask the host for one to borrow. Hey, bring a couple even if you can spare!

Participate In The Activities

There are ton of fun pool and water games! Get out there and join in the fun! Marco Polo, Water Volleyball, Belly Flopping, and maybe even Water Soccer? Give it a try!

Bring a Gift for the Host

You never want to show up empty handed. Don’t just big something to bring something, but bring something useful, and even better if it’s something useful for the party! Like a set of Clingks Drink Markers! There are so many great themes to choose from, find the entire list here. One of my favorites is the Another Year Older set! It is great for everyone at that pool party to choose their personality! Pick up a couple so everyone gets one!

Are you ready to Party?

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke