How To Throw A Party At The Cabin Like A Boss

cabin party

I know, it’s Summer and all you want to do is get out of the city for the weekend; go up North so you can gaze at the stars, smell the country grass, swim in a weedy lake, cruise out on the old pontoon, drink lots and lots of light beer and strong cocktails, turn red as a lobster, roast gooey ‘mellows, make a gigantic fire, etc… you get the idea. Here are the essentials!

Campfire Seating

campfire hay seats

Canoe Cooler

boat cooler for drinks

Cabin Welcome Sign

cabin welcome signs

Log Table And Chairs

log table

Whiskey Bar

whiskey bar

BBQ In A Jar

bbq in a jar

S’mores Bar

smores bar

Campfire Inspired Cupcake

campfire cupcakeStay Inspired!

nicole longendyke