January 17th – National Hot-Buttered Rum Day!

January 17th is National Hot-Buttered Rum Day!

You don’t have to tell me twice! Pour me a glass on this chilly night! What a great way to start off your evening – with a warm glass of hot-buttered rum! And these girls know their recipes! Check out their blog over at Cooks With Cocktails!

By: Cooks With Cocktails

hot buttered rum

We know you can’t stop at just one kind… so here are some other favorites of mine!

Hot-Buttered Apple Cider Rum

By: Once Upon A Chef


Hot-Buttered Rum With Ice Cream

By: The Luna Cafe


Hot-Buttered Rum Cake

By: The Curvy Carrot

hot buttered rum cake


What are your favorite ways and recipes to enjoy Hot-Buttered Rum?

Stay Inspired!

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