5 Boozey Margarita Desserts

If I had a choice between eating my cocktail or drinking it.. I’d choose eat every single time. I love food too much!! Margaritas are fun and festive, it feels like a PARTY when I drink a margarita, like a special occasion! So pour those tequila bottles into a mixing bowl and eat your way through these out-of-this-world Margarita Desserts! 🙂   

Mango Margarita Cupcakes

Mango has got to be a for-sure favorite flavor anything! Put it in a margarita? YUM! And now put that in a cupcake? DOUBLE YUM! Find the recipe here at Baking a Moment: Mango Margarita Cupcakes

Margarita-Ville Dessert Bars

If you love lemon bars, OMGosh you have to try these – they are the boozey version of LIME bars! Find the full recipe here at Crazy for CrustMargarita Dessert Bars

Tequila and Lime Cookies

“One tequila two tequila three tequila FOUR!” is the amount of tequila cookies I want to shovel into my mouth after getting hooked after just one! Check out The Finer Cookie for the recipe and try them out: Tequila and Lime Cookies

Margarita Doughnuts

Do I really need to expand on this one “The Doughnut” (or donut for some of you…) I mean it’s a doughnut. The greatest breakroom-watercooler-conference-meeting-icebreaker-breakfast-invention of all time! Maybe this doughnut will chill everyone out in the morning.

-“What’s in this amazing doughnut, Nicole!?”


-“HAHA! Oh you’re so funny! What a great sense of humor! Well, whatever it is, it’s chilling me out that’s for sure! I was going to start this meeting off by saying how awful everyone is doing this quarter, but after this doughnut I’m very chill.”

-*wink and 2 thumbs up*

Find the full recipe here at Edible WomanMargarita Doughnuts

Margarita Poke Cake

In case you’ve been living under a rock, poke cakes are being shown EVERYWHERE on those quick short recipe videos on social media. Makes the cake moist with the liquid you our over the cake. Your luck would have it that this recipe calls for a MARGARITA to be poured into your cake!! See how’s it’s done on My Recipe MagicMargarita Poke Cake


What other boozey dessert do you love!?

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke