Summertime Bonfire Party

bonfire Collage

What this weekend symbolizes to me, is freedom. Freedom to party your ass off… because you have an extra day to recover *wink*. Memorial Day Weekend is the kick-off to SUMMER! What do you need to pull off the best 3 day bender? Booze. Food. And a bonfire (oh, and s’mores!) Enjoy these ideas (slash must-haves).

In-Ground Fire Pit

Don’t have one? Build one.

in ground firepit

Outdoor Blankets

It can get chilly after the sun goes down.

outdoor blankets

Homemade Bug Repellent Candle

We don’t need to be messing around with mosquitoes (especial here in the Mid West near lakes – ugh terrible!)

homemade bug repelant candle

Wheelbarrow Beer Cooler

Creative way to use what you have around the yard!

wheelbarrow beer cooler

Campfire Cones

Want to put in more ingredients than just chocolate? Here is a fantastic way to eat less messy.

Campfire cones

Pie Iron Recipes

With 23 varieties there’s something for everyone!

cheeseburger pie

Campfire Foil Dinners

There are 21 total to check out!

tex mex white bean chicken foil dinner

Raspberry Rhubarb Collins Party Punch

Try all 17 recipes!

raspberry rhubarb collins punch

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke