Friday Giveaway: Favorite Clingks Saying

Clingks drink markers chillin in the shade

Clingks drink markers chillin in the shade

Do you laugh at your own jokes?  Are you a ‘real housewife’?   Are you ‘not wearing pants’?

Tell us your favorite Clingks saying and why!


Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and tell us your favorite label.   If you are our random winner, you will win the set that includes your favorite label!

There is no purchase necessary.  Visit our product pages to read the labels and choose your favorite. Then,

leave a comment telling us which one you chose and why as your entry to win.

One entry per person per day.  Enter daily until midnight Wednesday Nov. 20th.  Good luck!

–This giveaway has ended.  Check back for the next one!–

Drinks All Around: Hard Cider Over Ice or Straight Up?

Clingks drink markers on highball glass of Strongbow hard cider

Clingks drink markers on highball glass of Strongbow hard cider

Clingks drink markers work on any non-porous surface.  Did I mention that?  Just another example is how easy they are to use on a highball glass.  In this case, I’m breaking some tradition here and I added ice to my glass of Strongbow Hard Cider.  There are those who insist that hard cider be drank/drunk? like beer and never over ice.  I, however, prefer to drink it more like a cocktail and almost always pour it over ice.  Although, I will admit it is mighty good straight out of the bottle, too.

Which camp do you fall into?  Hard cider over ice or straight up?

Entertaining Tips: Clingks for Your Guests

clingks drink markers on prosecco at a party

clingks drink markers on prosecco at a party

Clingks drink markers make a great addition to any gathering.  Not only do they help your guests tell their glasses apart, but they can save you time on cleanup by having guests reuse their glasses.  Using real glasses (even the acrylic kind), even for keg beer, just feels more grown-up.

Here are some ideas on using Clingks at your next party:

  • Have your set (or sets if you have more than 10 people coming) out next to the first glasses.
  • Greet your guests with a glass of wine or cocktail and ask them to choose the phrase they like best.
  • Inevitably, as people huddle around the Clingks vying for their choices, some will make suggestions for others.  In fact, at one of my parties, one had ‘laughs at own jokes’, ‘sings off-key’ and ‘skirt chaser’ all on the same glass… none of which he chose for himself.  He thought it was hilarious, and never misplaced his drink!  🙂  Moral… it’s a good idea to have more than one set at each party.

Create party games:

  • You could do a little matchmaking by color or with “opposites attract“.
  • If someone guesses why another guest chose the one they did on the first try, they get a prize.
  • Choose for them:  Have the Clingks already on the glasses as you hand the drinks to guests.  Let them guess why they should be the one you chose for them.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Can you think of other ways to use Clingks at your party?

Dentist with Dessert at Mastro’s

Clingks drink markers and dessert at Mastro's

Clingks drink markers and dessert at Mastro’s

I wish I had the recipe for this butter cake at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale, it was amazingly yummy as you can see from the carnage that is left on the plate!  I take that back.  I don’t want to know how naughty I was for devouring it.  I’m happy with the delicious memory.   And the ZD Chardonnay was a perfect pairing.   The Clingks drink marker on here – 5th dentist surveyed – I thought was fitting, too, since most dentists would prefer you skip dessert.  But not the 5th dentist surveyed.  He says live a little. I like him.

Have you had the Butter Cake at Mastro’s?  What’s your favorite restaurant dessert?