Blue Cocktail Recipes for 4th of July

Blue Bombsicle cocktail recipe from UV Vodka

Blue Bombsicle cocktail recipe from UV Vodka

With summer a third of the way over already, the 4th of July holiday acts as the best reminder to spend the rest of the summer with your fun, exciting, humorous – and maybe even a little wild – friends and family. Show how much you love them by spoiling them with these fabulous blue cocktail recipes to get everyone in the patriotic mood! UV Vodka created this ultra delicious Blue Bombsicle cocktail. Its perfect for those who can’t get enough of grandma’s secret lemonade recipe, but don’t want to sit at the kids table anymore. Try adding a little blue food coloring to make the blue really explode! Just in time for the fireworks!

Blue Berry Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Blue Berry-Mojito Cocktail Recipe

The classically refreshing mojito has just upgraded its resume; the refreshing minty treat has now gone blue! What can be better than mixing juicy berries, mint and rum?! Not a whole lot. This drink is perfect when you are snacking on those homemade chips and salsa – especially with a little kick to it.

Blue Lagoon Margarita Recipe

Blue Lagoon Margarita Recipe

And lastly but certainly not least… No outdoor BBQ with friends and family would be complete without the famously delicious margarita. This Blue Lagoon Margarita has no competition in its class. It’s sweet and tangy with a smooth and cooling taste that really cools you down out in the hot summer sun. Shake it up a bit and line the glass rims with sugar – instead of salt –  for your guests who can’t seem to control their sweet tooth.


Have a fun and safe 4th of July holiday!







The Summertime Smash


I found this great post and tasty recipe over at Five O’Clock Cocktails that I just had to share with you! Cheers!!

The following post is sponsored by Frangelico. Cocktail name, development, recipe and photography are completely my own. Check out Frangelico online and follow them on Facebook for more exciting recipes.

Is it summer finally? Are we there yet, Mother Nature?

Up here in the tundra Montreal, the warm weather has been *such* a tease lately. We’ve had one of those springs where two days of delightful, sun-dappled, sleeve-shedding weather are followed by a near-week of chilly, damp, Debbie Downer-weather.

At times like this, I find that crafting a pre-emptively summery cocktail helps. It’s like a rainsundance for fanciful imbibers like us! (Here in French Canada, we might call it a bellwether for belle weather! *har*har*snort!)

Now, a lot of you know me. You know I can’t resist the occasional chortle-inducing pun (see above), just as you know that my usual summer-sippin’ routine calls for juleps, juleps, juleps and juleps.

A julep’s got most everything I look for in a summertime cocktail. The crushed ice keeps the drink colder, longer and the mint’s cooling and refreshing. But the bourbon — can I do one better on the bourbon? I love (read: luuurrrve) bourbon’s languid sweetness, but how about lightening up its syrupy-ness with some more playful flavors, a little tartness and an unexpected grace note or two three: A hint of nuttiness, a whiff of vanilla, a certain je ne sais noisette? (p.s. Bonus points if I can do all this without glopping on a ton of calories. What up, bathing suit?)


To make the Summertime Smash, I improved upon (if I do say so myself) the julep by halving the bourbon and replacing it with Frangelico. The hazelnut-flavored liqueur, more delicate in flavor and body, makes for a …read more

Via: The Summertime Smash

Privateer – Spring Cocktail Recipes – Cosmopolitan

Privateer cocktail recipe from Hennessy

view source: Privateer – Spring Cocktail Recipes – Cosmopolitan.


2 oz. Hennessy VS
3 oz. coconut water
3 strawberries
½ oz. lime juice
1/3 oz. agave nectar
Garnish: Strawberry

Muddle strawberries in a cocktail shaker. Add remaining ingredients and ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a strawberry.

Source: Hennessy
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Drinks All Around: Mojito Mocktail Recipe for 20

bulk virgin mojito recipe

sorry for the blurry photo… obviously I should have had a few of these instead. 🙂

When you host a party, you want to make sure there are plenty of enticing options for the non-drinkers and the drivers.  The worst thing you can do is over-serve your friends and put them at risk.  So, to encourage an occasional break, make the non-alcoholic options just as fun as the potent ones.   My recent go-to is to make a vat of fresh virgin mojitos.  They are a nice palate cleanser any time of year, and especially refreshing in warmer months.

Virgin Mojito Recipe for one (10-ounce glass):

2 bar spoons of brown sugar

1/2 of one lime, cut to 1″ pieces

6-10 sprigs of mint

2 oz of apple juice

4 oz of lime LaCroix water (or any carbonated lime water you like)

Makes one serving.

Directions (same for both):

Muddle together sugar, lime and mint.  Be sure to tear the mint leaves, then roll them between your hands as you drop it into the glass.  This helps release the oils.  When the lime pieces are all (or mostly) squished and the sugar is dissolved into the fresh lime juice, add the apple juice and water and stir.  You can garnish with another sprig of mint or piece of lime if you like, then serve.

Bulk Virgin Mojito or Mojito Mocktail Recipe (for 20 people):

1 cup brown sugar

10 small – medium limes, cut into 1″ pieces

1 medium bunch of mint (about 100 sprigs, less if they have lots of big leaves, more if the leaves are small or sparse)

5 cups apple juice

10 cans lime LaCroix water

Directions are the same as above.  Makes 20 servings.

And, if you wanted to try the full-strength version, just sub half of the apple juice for rum.

Do you have a favorite mocktail you like to serve?  Share it with us in the comments below!