Tailgating Buds and Brews


One of the best parts of football is the FOOD eating and day DRINKING! Being able to be apart of that at the actual stadium is amazing. Sometimes you go in to watch the game… aaaaand others you just socialize and watch/listen to is in the parking lot!There’s a million recipes for food and booze to bring to the the table, but I think I found more than just pigs in a blanket! Or a homemade cheese ball! Here are some of the most unique ideas that now are a must-have. GAME ON!

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Throw A Bridal Shower via Etsy For Under $100

Ahh, spring time is here. The season of new beginnings, gardening, and endless bridal showers. Hosting the party? If your budget is tight, take some notes. Here are 7 items you can purchase on Etsy today and spend under $100. That’s right, $88.48 to be exact (minus food and drinks). From the invites to games, Etsy and Clingks have your bridal-shower-back!

1 – Invitations – $13

When you buy a printable invite, you buy the template, so all you have to do is print at home!

From ForwardPraises

2 – Drink Markers – Clingks – “Wedding Bells” – $9.99

Add a set of Clingks’ Wedding Bells drink markers, or design customized wine glass charms with endless color options and your very own witty sayings! Here is the list of all the static-cling drink markers included in the Wedding Bells Clingks set:

blushing bride  —  gallant groom  —  wedding survivor

just here for the drinks  —  lord of the ring  —  always a bridesmaid

the crazy uncle  —  re-gifter   —  single on purpose  —  dances with anyone

chicken dance master  —  reception line budger

From Clingks

wedding bells clingks

3 – Party Favors – $0.75 each (Budget for 30 guests – $22.50)

Customizable soaps with labels are a great way to say “thanks for coming!” Little favors are all you need – no one expects a fancy-shmancy gift from the host, just something that says THANK YOU!

From RogueValleySoap

4 – Mimosa Bar Sign – $4

Adorable sign to place at the brunch and mimosa table. Another printable.

From BlueBunnyBride 

5 – Photo Booth Props – $6.99

Photo booths are still in people! Whether it’s a home made booth with a cloth back-drop or a full-out rented booth, having some cute (and family-friendly) sayings!

From CastilloPK

6 – Printable Games – $12

Printables printables printables! They will save you time and MONEY! You buy the template for super cheap, and then you can print it at home if you want – or even take it to your local printing company, like a Kinkos or even VistaPrint.com.

From BrideandBows

bridal shower games printables

7 – Gold Giant Balloons “Bride To Be” – $19.99

This we can label as a SPLURGE purchase. Is it needed? Eh… probably. But if it comes down to purchasing these balloons or another 5 bottles of champagne, uh… no brainer. (And yes, I’m implying you buy the $4 bottles of champagne :))

From ABridalShop

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This Is Why You Need Clingks At Your Superbowl 50 Party

It’s Superbowl 50 this year – a noteworthy anniversary of one of the greatest sporting events of all time.  Well I hope you planned ahead and took PTO for Monday, because as tradition has it, you will be eating and drinking all day and night.

And the worst that could happen during the cheering and screaming at the TV, is you misplace your drink… Is this yours or it is Steve’s? Ha, that Steve, he’s always “all hopped up”.

With Clingks drink markers, everyone picks their personality for the game! Like Jim, he has “beer goggles” on right now because he is flirting with his cousin and thinks it’s his co-worker crush..

And no party would be complete without the “beer snob” – like Madison who considers herself a “craft beer connoisseur”… she can be “slightly bitter” at times…

Clingks 4 New Beer Themed Drink Markers

You’re in luck! Everyone can pick their own personality for the night with Clingks’ New beer themed drink markers. For this Superbowl 50 we have some customized Bronco and Panther sets! Works great on bottles, cans or even red solo cups. Comes in sets of 12.

That’s Beerific

Check out the rest of the labels and order some here!

Hilarious and sassy beer themed glass tags from Clingks drink markers. Only $5.99 for a set of 12.

Life is Brewtiful

Sift through the other labels in this set, and order your set here!

Hilarious and sassy craft beer themed glass tags from Clingks drink markers. Only $5.99 for a set of 12.

Custom Clingks

If you have some of your own crazy and awesome ideas rolling around upstairs, then you can Customize your own set! Customized ones come in sets of 12-18 so plan accordingly. Or check out our Superbowl Custom Clingks!

Custom Clingks signage copy

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13 Ways To Use Clingks

clingks drink markers with govino stemless wine glasses

Need a little inspiration on how to use your Clingks Drink Markers?! Awesome to give as gifts or to use at the party you are throwing. There are an infinite number of ways and ideas on how to utilize your Clingks, but here are some really great ideas from our customers!

1 – New Year’s Eve Party

happy new year


Ring in the New Year by putting sassy Clingks on your champagne cocktails!

2 – Birthday Party

happy birthday

Treat the b-day girl with the gift of Clingks! Or pass ’em around to the guests and have fun picking out hilarious names for each other!

3 – Dinner Party

Dinner Party Seating Strategy

Having multiple guests over that may or may not know each other too well yet? Clingks is a great ice breaker when having multiple friend groups meet!

4 – Stocking Stuffers

santa stocking stuffer

All of our customers have said that Clingks was the perfect stocking stuffer!

5 – Holidays


Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, St. Patty’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s, Ground Hog Day! Whatever floats your boat!

6 – Girl’s Night

Ladies-Night girls night

Take on the night! No boys allowed! Go crazy and pick your cheeky personalty for the evening!

7 – Bachelorette Party


A night to get wild and let loose! Bring as a gift for the bride-to-be or as the accessory to use for the night!

8 – Football Parties

Game Day Tablescape

Whether it’s college, pro, or the Superbowl you need to label your drink, honey!

9 – Hostess Gift

add a set of Clingks drink markers to a bottle of wine for a unique hostess gift

A perfect way to say thanks without being over the top!

10 – At the Beach


Soak up the rays and class up any beach Party!

11 – Weddings


A great idea to lay out for each table to choose their own fun labels – or even use as a party favor!

12 – Gift Basket

wine lovers gift basket with Clingks

Have a wine and cheese lover in your life? Add Clingks to their gift basket!

13 – For the Wine Lover

Vino sign made of corks

The wine lover in your life will also appreciate any and all wine related gifts. This is perfect for them to show off their newest accessory!


What ways have you used Clingks?!

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