17 DIY Centerpieces For Your Next Outdoor Garden Party

centerpiece collage

Time to be girlie this Spring and plan a backyard Garden Party. Here are some DIY centerpiece ideas to make an impression and set the mood for your elegant party.

1 – Trash To Treasure Centerpiece

mason-jar-centerpices trash to treasure

2 – Florals and Candles Centerpiece


3 – Nautical Rope Centerpiece

nautical rope centerpiece

4 – Wooden Box with Candles Centerpiece

candle in box cage centerpiece

5 – Branch Centerpiece

branch centerpiece

6 – Candle Ring Centerpiece

candle ring centerpiece

7 – Flat Branch and Floral Centerpiece

flat branch centerpiece

8 – Paint Stir Stick Flower Box Centerpiece

diy paint stir stick flower box

9 – Pink Pedals and Floating Candles Centerpiece

pink floral centerpiece

10 – Glowing Submersible Centerpiece

glowing submersible centerpiece

11 – Floral and Sand Centerpiece

diy floral and sand centerpiece

12 – Hydrangea Flower Box Centerpiece

hydrangea box centerpiece

13 – Italian Romantic Centerpiece

romantic centerpiece

14 – Floating Candle with Citronella Oil Centerpiece

floating candle with citronella

15 – Birdcage Centerpiece

birdcage centerpiece

16 – Table Length Floral Centerpiece

table length flower centerpiece

17 – Blue Floral and Candle Centerpiece

blue floral and candle centerpiece

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Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke

Fabulous Spring Party Done Up In Florals

bicycle and flowers welcome

Happy Happy Spring Everyone!!!!! Finally, it’s here! No more snow! No more scrapping your car! We’re not out of the woods yet though… no shorts for a while, but that’s why this time of year is called “Sprinter”! (Spring + Winter) It’s not -27 degrees out anymore, yet it’s not quite pack-away-all-your-sweaters either. All you need is a light jacket when you sit out on the deck sipping fruity cockatils. The days are longer. The sun is shinning down – it’s like joy caressing your face! That means it’s time to get everyone over, go OUTSIDE and throw a floral spring swaray! Here are some centerpiece ideas, drinks and food! Super easy to put together for this weekend!

Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

Super easy and cute! Choose any color for your vase and you got yourself a beautiful centerpiece.

cherry blossoms
Floating Florals

Just adding a touch of elegance to your table.

floating floralsLemon and Flower Centerpiece

This will liven your decor with bright flowers and fresh lemons.

lemon floral decoration centerpiece

Moscato Wine Punch

I mean.. who wouldn’t have a 3 gallon Moscato punch at their next party? Huh?

moscato wine punch

Sangria – Cucumber, Mint and Lime

And a crisp, refreshing sangria will remind everyone that winter is gone for good.

soho sangria cucumber lime mint

Lillet Rose – Spring Cocktail

Did you know.. that if you add flowers to your cocktails it instantly makes it 1,000 times more delicious??

lillet rose spring cocktails
Flower Ice Cubes

Don’t forget.. use edible flowersflower ice cubes

Lemon Cream Cheese Cucumber Sandwiches

It’s not a spring party without some version of a cucumber/cream cheese sandwich. Just saying.lemon cucumber cream cheese sandwhich

Mini Chocolate “Carrot Cake”

Cute and scrumptious little treats.

garden carrot cake


Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke