Last Minute Halloween Cocktails Ideas… Because Life

Halloween this year is on a Tuesday, and have I bought candy yet? Oh, you bet I haven’t! The neighbor kiddos are going to be shuffling around the cul de sac in the cold, dark MN evening (maybe even snow?!)… with the cutest ones just barely learning to walk! I can’t wait! We finally moved to a neighborhood with young couples with kids who take their kids trick or treating! However… for those of us going the opposite direction and throwing an over 21 years of age gathering who want to have adult beverages, here are some cleverly-named Halloween-Themed Cocktails!

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Scare The Sh*t Out Your Friends This Halloween

Halloween to kids mean dressing up as your favorite character and trudging through the cold with your parents, begging strangers for candy. Halloween as a college student means dressing up in the least amount of clothing possible and drinking everyone under the table. Halloween in your 30’s is a little different experience. You have matured. You don’t need candy. You can buy your own. You don’t need lingerie as a costume you’ll catch a cold! You have extra funds now… from your job. Funds for extravagant costumes, props, food and signature cocktails. And you want to scare the shit out of your friends on Halloween. Why is that? I don’t really know; maybe we are hoping to see our grown up friends piddle in their pants and turn white as a ghost while a zombie jumps out and tries to eat their arm. Let your imagination run this year, here are some helpful starters.

Halloween Invite

halloween invires


Blood Stain Towel


Bloody Bathroom

bloody bathroom

Halloween Props

halloween props

Hanging Hatching Spiders


Ghost Girl


Head in a Jar

head in a jar

Food & Drink

Meatloaf Hand

meatloaf hand

Bleeding Heart Cake

bleeding heart cake

Jello Blood Worms


Bleeding Heart Martini

bleeding heart martini


Haunted House

Get some ideas on how to make a spooky haunted house in your house!


Corn Maze Hide and Seek

Give them nightmares for weeks!


Bobbing for Liquor

And keep it light if the “adults” get too frightened. This page has some other alternative Halloween party games.

bobbing for liquor

Stay Inspired!

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8 Haunted Halloween Cocktails

green halloween cocktail

Who’s ready to get crazy this Halloween!!!?? This is only time of the year it’s encouraged to go off that green smoothie diet and binge on candy you took from your kids (because they can’t eat ALL of it, right?!) and drink drinks made with black vodka, vampire’s blood, and ghost guts! Dress up in your sexiest or funniest costume, get high on sugar, and drink until you start to warm up to what your hubby decided to be for Halloween (insert inappropriate or embarrassing costume here… ) Get inspired with some Halloween cocktail recipes to keep your party going and full of Spirit all night!!


1 – Candy Corn Cocktail

candy corn cocktail


2 – Blood Sucker Cocktail

blood sucker


3 – Black Widow Cocktail

black widow_cocktail_1


4 – Cocktails with Dry Ice

Halloween drink dry ice


5 – Red Zombie Cocktail



6 – Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail

vampire kiss


7 – Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail



8 – Ghost Guts Cocktail

ghost cocktail


When in doubt… add eyeballs.

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke