Last Minute Halloween Cocktails Ideas… Because Life

Halloween this year is on a Tuesday, and have I bought candy yet? Oh, you bet I haven’t! The neighbor kiddos are going to be shuffling around the cul de sac in the cold, dark MN evening (maybe even snow?!)… with the cutest ones just barely learning to walk! I can’t wait! We finally moved to a neighborhood with young couples with kids who take their kids trick or treating! However… for those of us going the opposite direction and throwing an over 21 years of age gathering who want to have adult beverages, here are some cleverly-named Halloween-Themed Cocktails!

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11 Last Minute Halloween Party Tricks and Treats

So, you decided to throw a Halloween party. And it’s a few days away. What are you to do? Make? How to decorate? Here are some great last minute hacks to get you through the scariest night of the year!

1 – Mini Mummies

mini mummies

2 – Spider in Ice Cubes

spider ice

3 – Monster Munchie Madness


4 – Spider Web Dip54eb8c6133391_-_take-a-dip-into-the-dark-side-mdn
5 – Ghoulish Guzzling54eb8c5fbca20_-_ghoulish-guzzling-mdn6 – Pumpkin Bat Bouquet

pumpkin bouguet

7 – Eyeball Wreath

eye ball ping pong wreath

8 – Yarn Wrapped Lanterns

yarn wrapped lanterns

9 – Party Favor in a Hand Bag

party favor

10 – Rock Jack-O-Lanterns

rock o lanterns

11 – Glow-In-The-Dark Drinks


glowing drinks

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13 Excuses To Throw A Party And Bring Some Sass To Your Glass With Clingks

clingks drink markers on white wine

Do people call you funny? Witty? Creative? Snarky? Sassy? A little out there? Inspired?! Do you wish you could “label” your friends when you party – because Lauren can be a real “Diva” when she drinks. Here’s your chance! There’s always an opportunity to throw a party. Now you may be thinking “Uh, I don’t think so Nicole.” But you’re wrong! There is! And now you can come up with your own sassy drink markers with Clingks! Customize your order today! Here are some party inspirations (just a few to get your creative juices flowing) on how and when to use Clingks at your next gathering!


Hand them out to your guests – customize them with your wedding colors.

weddings clingks

Bachelorette Parties

Time to get naughty and make it a great last-single-girl’s night out!

bachelorette party


Don’t forget to wear your birthday suit!

happy birthday

Girl’s Night

We all need some girl time.. because we all know what we talk about at a girl’s night *wink*

girls night

Dinner Party

Let your guests choose their personality tonight.

dinner party

Pool Party

Maybe even a themed pool party? Think it up with help from Clingks!

pool party drink

Office Party

Because Erik has always been the creepy “Skirt Chaser” in the office and he needs to know it.

office party

Game Day

Time to publicly embarrass those loser friends who cheer for the wrong team!

football party

New Year’s Eve

Ring in the New Year with some humor.


St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone is “Bottle Fed” on St. Paddy’s Day.

st patricks day party

4th Of July

Label your drinks with Clingks so you can find your cocktail during the fireworks!

4th of july party

Halloween Party

Let your evil and wicked, or gross and gruesome juices flow with Halloween themed drink labels.

halloween party

Christmas Party

Separate your guests between whose been naughty or nice!

christmas party

What are your parties ideas? Order your own customized set of Clingks today!

Stay Inspired!

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