Top 17 Domestic Fall Beers That Will Make You Drool

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I love a great beer. Especially a great autumn seasonal beer. Whether it’s to satisfy your pumpkin, apple or rich and dark desires, they will most definitely satisfy your love for cool, autumn air – and passion for beer. Here are the top 17 beers that I find to be amazing. There is a beer type for every autumn beer lover: pumpkin, ciders, Oktoberfest, IPA’s and the maple and nutty flavors.


1 – Weyebacher Brewing Co. : Imperial Pumpkin Ale


2 – New Glarus : Pie Lust

new glarus pie lust

3 – Dogfish Head : Punkin Ale

dogfish head punkin

4 – Cigar City : Good Gourd

cigar city good gourd



5 – Ace : Pumpkin Hard Cider

ace pumpkin hard cider

6 – Woodchuck : Winter Oak

woodchuck winter oak hard cider

7 – Crispin : Stagger Lee




8 – Great Lakes Brewing Co. : Oktoberfest

great lakes oktoberfest

9 – New Glarus : Staghorn Octoberfest

new glarus octoberfest

10 – Summit Brewing Co. : Oktoberfest

summit oktoberfest

11 – Victory Festbiel : Oktoberfest

victory festbiel oktoberfest



12 – Great Divide : Rumple IPA

great divide's rumple ipa

13 – Sierra Nevada : Flipside Red IPA

sierra nevada flipside ipa

14 – Founder’s : Red Rye IPA

founders red rye ipa



15 – Leinenkugel : Fireside Nut Brown

leinenkugel fireside nut brown

16 – Bruery : Autumn Maple

bruery autumn maple

17 – Anchor Brewing Co. : Autumn Maple Red

anchor autumn maple red

There are a lot more autumn beers out there to try and fall in love with – all over the country! But you better hurry there are only 71 more days left until winter!! (But that’s alright… winter beer will keep us warm)


Stay Inspired!

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Drinks All Around: Hard Cider Over Ice or Straight Up?

Clingks drink markers on highball glass of Strongbow hard cider

Clingks drink markers on highball glass of Strongbow hard cider

Clingks drink markers work on any non-porous surface.  Did I mention that?  Just another example is how easy they are to use on a highball glass.  In this case, I’m breaking some tradition here and I added ice to my glass of Strongbow Hard Cider.  There are those who insist that hard cider be drank/drunk? like beer and never over ice.  I, however, prefer to drink it more like a cocktail and almost always pour it over ice.  Although, I will admit it is mighty good straight out of the bottle, too.

Which camp do you fall into?  Hard cider over ice or straight up?