13 Unique Stocking-Stuffer Ideas

santa stocking stuffer

We all love to get little, small gifts to open that fits inside Old Saint Nick’s stocking which hanging over an open-flame fireplace. The great thing about Stocking Stuffers are that they are cheap, small, and usually a little unique. Here are some of the best unique Stocking Stuffers for those on a budget.

1 – Clingks

What a great way to spread a little holiday humor!

Clingks Drink Markers - Happy Hour

2 – Snackeez

I introduce to you the best way to snack and drink your beverage on the go!


3 – Mustache Wine Cork

Who doesn’t love a cute wine bottle opener!?

Mustache Corkscrew

4 – ShutterBall

May your selfies be perfect this holiday season!


5 – Wine Monkey

Transport that wine in style and comfort!

Wine monkey Sock

6 – Tobasco Spicy Chocolate

For that chocolate lover in your life!

tabasco spicy chocolate

7 – Whiskey Stones

Like a boss.

whiskey stones

8 – Bar10der

The new take on an swiss army knife for the guy you always make mix the drinks!

the bar10der

9 – iPhone Case Bottle Opener

Who wouldn’t appreciate a built-in bottle opener!?

iphone beer bottle openercase

10 – Corkcicle

Keep that wine chilled and closed during the party!


11 – Wine Pairing Towels

For those fancy dinner-party-winos in your family!

wine pairing towels

12 – Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Fresh juice is always the best!

fruit keg tapping kit

13 – Thumb Drive


thumb driver


What are some of your great Stocking Stuffers that you’ve given or received?

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke