Tailgating Buds and Brews


One of the best parts of football is the FOOD eating and day DRINKING! Being able to be apart of that at the actual stadium is amazing. Sometimes you go in to watch the game… aaaaand others you just socialize and watch/listen to is in the parking lot!There’s a million recipes for food and booze to bring to the the table, but I think I found more than just pigs in a blanket! Or a homemade cheese ball! Here are some of the most unique ideas that now are a must-have. GAME ON!

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16 Tailgating Recipes, Drinks, Games & Gadgets That Will Make Everyone Jealous

tailgate Collage

No one really goes to the game to watch the players run around the field tackling each other, do they? Everyone knows that the main attraction is the 5 hours of tailgating before the game! Sometimes the festivities start at 5am, and other times it’s 2pm. Either way have a game plan with food, drinks, and games to keep everyone entertained. [Read more…]

9 Fourth of July Boozey Shooters

4th of july tablescape

‘Merica’s most patriotic holiday is here! Time to show our red, white and blue pride with some delicious, refreshing, jello shots and other shooters! Step-it-up this 4th and impress your guests with amazing drinks in tiny glasses. Drink to Amuuurica!

1 – Pop Rocks Shooters

pop rocks shooters

2 – Classic Jello Shots

jello shots

3 – Rock Candy Jello Shooters

rock candy jello shooters

4 – S’more Shooters

smore shooters

5 – Strawberry Margarita Shooters

strawberry margarita shots

6 – Snow Cone Shooters

snow cone shooters

7 – Sugar Cookie Pudding Shots

sugar cookie pudding shots

8 – Watermelon Jello Shots

watermelon jello shots

9 – Jello Shot Champagne Bundt Cake

Not exactly a “shot” but this looks nom nom nommers!

Jello shot bundt cake

Stay Inspired!

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