8 Unique Gifts for that Wine Lover in your Life

Vino sign made of corks

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for that wine lover in your life – who has every wine decoration, invention, accessory known to man. Plus it can be boring to give them just another ordinary set of wine glasses that you found on Amazon… on sale. So instead, spruce up their collection of wine gadgets with some of the most unique, creative, and useful wine accessories and gifts. Feel free to treat yourself to some of these spectacular inventions.

1 – Wine Glass Holder for your Shower

You know, when you get that urge that makes you say to yourself, “Hey! Do you know what I NEED to make this shower great!? A glass of wine! But where am I going to set it down…” Problem solved my friend.

Wine Glass Holder for the Shower


2 – Mustache Corkscrew

“Excuse me, Sir, but I *mustache* you to please open my bottle of vino.” Gets me every time!

Mustache Corkscrew

 3 – Wine Wipes for your Teeth

Now you can hide your wine-stained-teeth before meeting your blind date. First impressions are everything. And we know you already had a glass before they arrived. You need these.

Wine Wipes for your Teeth

 4 – Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Is it floating!? No! It’s magic…

Lasso Wine Holder

5 – Wine Glass with a Sippy Handle

Because who wants to lift the glass to your mouth and take a gulp every time… that gets exhausting.

WIne Glass with Built-In Straw

 6 – Plastic Stemmed Wine Glasses

Finally. You no longer have to drink your wine in a red Solo cup at the kegger you attended but you don’t drink beer. Perfect.

Plastic Wine Glasses
7 – Wine Glass Necklace

Because it’s impossible to hold your glass of wine and eat pie at the same time. Pie requires 2 hands.

Wine Glass Necklace


8 – Outside Wine Holder Stakes

Keep your bottles and glasses nice and sturdy and away from danger! You wouldn’t want anyone walking around the yard and knocking them down, spilling your precious vino.

Outdoor Wine Holders

Here are only a few awesome wine bottle and wine glass gift ideas for that hard-to-buy-for wine lover. Clingks Drink Markers make a perfect gift too! Start a collection for them here! https://clingks.com/products/.

Do you have any other great gifts for that wine lover in your life!? Share your ideas below!

Stay Inspired!

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