How To Throw A Matchmaker Valentine’s Day Single’s Party

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Are you and your friends flying solo this Valentine’s? Chin up, because I have a party idea in mind… Gather your single friends and their single friends and create the ultimate Matchmaker Party. Stop trying to plan the clique anti-Valentine’s Day for singles party and embrace your availability! Who knows… you might just find your soulmate!

There’s a few different ways you can start out this night of matchmaking, and its all in the details.


valentines invite


2 ways on how to go about a matchmaker party. Each guest has to bring someone single of the opposite sex as well. Or…

…Don’t tell them its a matchmaker party! I would recommend this if you are Miss Social Butterfly and have 1,000 besties you know will show up at your fabulous party. This one sounds a bit more exciting as the host if you can pull it off.


The main attraction… now either you guests know they are here to mingle, or they are about to find out.

Clingks Matchmaker Drinking Game –

Use the Opposites Attract set and/or Occupations as the game pieces. Each set of 12 has a counterpart, so for 6 “couples”. Ahead of time, separate the complimentary Clingks so the singles have to mingle and find their mate! A nice ice breaker… and there’s drinking involved so everyone wins. Now after they find their other Clingk, time to engage game #2.

Word Pairing Drinking Game –

You can get pretty creative with this one…  here is the PG version of the game. But feel free to make it a little risque. So, you or your new soulmate will start off by naming something with its pair… i.e. you say “Romeo” and they say “Juliet”. Got it right!? Take a drink! Got it wrong? Take two. Judging on your audience make your own rules. Here’s a copy of the list.



Make it fun and light – if you don’t want to make it a sit-down dinner, then create some fun appetizers! Love themed!

Valentine’s Popcorn

valentines popcorn

Strawberry and Brownie Kabobs
strawberry brownie kabob
Heart Shaped Calzones

heart pizza

Bring out the Matchmaker in yourself!


Stay Inspired!

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