Drink Of The Month – Peeptinis For Easter

peep collage

What are you going to do with all of those Peeps you didn’t think you needed but bought anyway, on sale, because of creative marketing from your local super-store? Turn them into tasty cocktails of course! Everyone is coming over for Easter, and instead of serving boring ole drinks, add a little marshmallowy-sugar-deliciousness. I’ve found some great recipes to try out. Enjoy!

Peeps Paradise with Pinnacle Cake Vodka

peeps paradise with pinnacle vodka

The Pink Bunny

the pink bunny

Easter Basket Cocktail

easter basket cocktail

Marshmallow Peeptini

marshmellow peeptini

Champagne and Peeps

champagne peep

Lemon Peeptini

lemonade peeptini

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nicole longendyke

Peep Out Your Easter

peeps cupcakes

Happy Easter everyone! Time to pull out all the stops – great food, drinks, and good company. Peeps are under used don’t you think? I mean, they are colorful, gooey, and super good for you. Make it a little interesting this year, and get everyone all hopped up on marshmallowy sugar goodness! Eating way more sweets than what the food pyramid allows. It’s Easter! Don’t forget to read to the end for the ultimate adult version of the Easter Egg Hunt! You’re welcome.

Peep Centerpiece

Look how cute they are! Adorbs.

peep centerpiece


Those little cuties make your vodka taste delicious.


Marshmallow Vodka Peep-Tini

Peeps make the best garnish.

marshmallow peep martini.png

Vodka Infused Peeps

When you don’t have the time to drink your booze. Just toss a couple of these bad boys back.

peep vodka

Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Heat ’em up and melt their bodies into your treats.

peep rice krispies

Peeps Jello Cups

Awww it’s like they’re swimming! Nom Nom!


Peep Wreath

When your entire Easter budget goes to Peeps… And why not? You’ve come this far.

peeps wreath

Peeps Dress

I couldn’t resist!

peep dress

Easter Egg Hunt For Adults

Because you miss being a kid… but you want a boozey prize.

easter egg hunt for adults

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nicole longendyke