15 Party Hacks That Will Change Your Life

dinner party

I want to help you make life easier. And show you AH-HA inventions and ideas to make your party the best. You’ll be kicking yourself for not being the genius who thought of these first.

1 – Cut the Cake

cut cake hack

When you have a plethora of guests to serve with round cakes, cut a smaller circle in the middle and now you can cut out twice as much!

2 – Serving Ice Cream – Idea #1

ice cream hack

Prep ahead of time: Scoop ice cream into cupcake paper liners. Place in muffin tin. Store in the freezer until ready. Woolaaaaa!!

3 – Ice Balloon Balls

balloon ice hack

Fill up those water balloons with water, freeze them as use as ice! NO melting-watery-mess! And so colorful…

4 – Chip-Bag Bowl

chip bag bowl hackYou don’t need serving bowls. Save the dishes. Fold in the bottom corns and push the chips up to the top.

 5 – Wash the Potatoes in Bulk

Wash-Potatoes-in-the-Dishwasher hack

Need to cook or mash or slice or whatever a lot of potatoes? Yep… you can wash them in there. (But hold the soap)

6 – Floating Flowers

floating flower hack

Bubble wrap, apparently, has other uses other than stomping all over it until every little bubble has been smashed… and the popping sounds has successfully pissed off everyone in a 600 foot radius. It can float your flowers for decoration!

7 – Serving Ice Cream – Idea #2

cut ice cream hack

Another cool ice cream hack – when you don’t want to scoop.

8 – Solo  “Measuring” Cup

solo measuring cup hack


Those red Solo cups are so much more than the universal sign for PARTY!

9 – Chip ‘n Dip

chip dip hack

So simple! Lift that dip up and out of the way of the chips!

10 – MP3 Speakers

speaker hack

You could also use a wine glass (we all have plenty of those…)

11 – Dollar Bill Bottle Opener

dollar bill opener hack

Who knew!? Bills are made of cotton, and the friction makes a great grip for the twist-top beer bottles.

12 – Red Wine Stain

red wine spill hack

If your red wine spills… use white wine to get it out. (The reverse formula DOES NOT work!)

13 – Stack Up the Beers

stack beer hack

Take a binder clip from the office supply closet and you can start stacking those beer bottles to save space and keep them from rolling around.

14 – Label the Coolers

cooler labels hack

It’s a waste of time to open up all 7 coolers at the party to find your favorite beverage.

15 – Keep the Pitcher Cold

chill pitcher hack

It’s a sin to water down the beer or sangria or whatever you are serving with adding ice to the pitcher. Put the ice in a separate cup. Done.


What some great party hacks that worked for you!?


Stay Inspired!

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10 Wine Hacks That Will Change Your Life

10 wine hacks that will change your life from Clingks.com

Wine Hacks

Wine Hacks

Sometimes we need a little help in the kitchen. And sometimes we need a little help with our wine. Not often! But it’s true. Here are 10 great and extremely useful ideas on how to defeat your wine troubles – whatever they may be.

1 – Chill wine fast with Frozen Grapes

Need a fast way to cool down your glass of sweet white? Drop in a couple of frozen grapes. The grapes also can second as a great after-wine snack too!

Frozen Grapes Grape Chill Wine in the Glass

Frozen Grapes Grape Chill Wine in the Glass

2 – Chill wine fast in the freezer by wrapping it in a damp paper or linen towel

Need the entire bottle chilled in a jiffy? Maybe your sister just called and is on her way over, and one glass just won’t do! So wrap the bottle of wine in either a damp paper or linen towel and stick in the freezer. It should be ready by the time she arrives.

Chill Wine Quickly

Chill Wine Quickly


3 – Remove a red wine stain by using white wine and salt

This has been the rule for as long as time. It seems like an oxymoron – getting wine out with wine. But it works! However It pains me to waste a perfectly tasty glass of white wine on getting out a stain.. but I don’t want my mother to see that I’ve spilled red wine on almost every inch of my white carpet… She’ll think there’s a “problem” but really I’m just clumsy.

Remove Red Wine Stains with White Wine

Remove Red Wine Stains with White Wine


4 – Aerating wine quickly in a blender or large open pitcher

Science and multiple studies have shown that you can aerate wine in a more efficient way. There are 2 main methods, here demonstrates the Wine-In-A-Blender aerating theory.

Aerate Wine in a Blender

Aerate Wine in a Blender


5 – Freeze leftover wine into cubes to use on-demand for cooking

While some may never let the situation come down to having any “leftover” wine… you could pour the wine in ice cube trays and then freeze them. This allows easy access for cooking (instead of opening up a new bottle). You could even use the cubes to chill a single glass of wine so it doesn’t dilute the wine. Same theory as the frozen grapes.

Freeze Leftover Wine

Freeze Leftover Wine

6 – Cheese and wine pairings are more than likely going to be with white wine (when in doubt)

Wine and cheese pairings have always been a hurdle to jump over – make sure you get it right for those finicky friends. With this easy cheat sheet you will seem like a genius!

Cheese and Wine Pairings

Cheese and Wine Pairings

7 – Alternative ways to open bottle of wine if you don’t have a corkscrew

There are more ways than one to open a bottle of wine instead of a fancy wine bottle opener for $1.49. You can use a shoe, a wall, a knife, nails, or even the reverse bottle opening (push that pesty cork right in the bottle… then use #9 afterwards)

Alternative Ways to Open a WIne Bottle

Alternative Ways to Open a Wine Bottle

8 – Instant wine glass holder for your wooden patio furniture

You now have permission to cut holes in your furniture.

Instant Wine Holder for your Patio Furniture

Instant Wine Holder for your Patio Furniture


9- Coffee filter to remove cork pieces when it breaks apart or gets back into the bottle

I personally have not experienced cork remanence in my wine very often.. and if I did I would be out of luck. I don’t drink coffee. But this is nonetheless a great alternative to swirling your finger around the glass trying to get the tiny pieces out and they just keep going around and around and around. You eventually give in after 20 minutes and decide that you don’t care anymore if you swallow cork. Maybe it’s good for you?

Coffee FIlter- When the Cork Pieces Fall into Your Wine

Coffee Filter- When the Cork Pieces Fall into Your Wine

10 – Wrap wine bottle in a sock while transporting to avoid breakage

When you have to bring wine to someone’s party, wrap it up safely with this conversation starter. This is the wine monkey sock. Adorable.

Wine Sock

Wine Sock

I wish you the best of luck while enjoying wine. However if anything may go awry, you have the resources now.

Stay Inspired!