This Is Why You Need Clingks At Your Superbowl 50 Party

It’s Superbowl 50 this year – a noteworthy anniversary of one of the greatest sporting events of all time.  Well I hope you planned ahead and took PTO for Monday, because as tradition has it, you will be eating and drinking all day and night.

And the worst that could happen during the cheering and screaming at the TV, is you misplace your drink… Is this yours or it is Steve’s? Ha, that Steve, he’s always “all hopped up”.

With Clingks drink markers, everyone picks their personality for the game! Like Jim, he has “beer goggles” on right now because he is flirting with his cousin and thinks it’s his co-worker crush..

And no party would be complete without the “beer snob” – like Madison who considers herself a “craft beer connoisseur”… she can be “slightly bitter” at times…

Clingks 4 New Beer Themed Drink Markers

You’re in luck! Everyone can pick their own personality for the night with Clingks’ New beer themed drink markers. For this Superbowl 50 we have some customized Bronco and Panther sets! Works great on bottles, cans or even red solo cups. Comes in sets of 12.

That’s Beerific

Check out the rest of the labels and order some here!

Hilarious and sassy beer themed glass tags from Clingks drink markers. Only $5.99 for a set of 12.

Life is Brewtiful

Sift through the other labels in this set, and order your set here!

Hilarious and sassy craft beer themed glass tags from Clingks drink markers. Only $5.99 for a set of 12.

Custom Clingks

If you have some of your own crazy and awesome ideas rolling around upstairs, then you can Customize your own set! Customized ones come in sets of 12-18 so plan accordingly. Or check out our Superbowl Custom Clingks!

Custom Clingks signage copy

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10 Ways Beer Is The Champion This Superbowl

Beer Collage

New idea: Make this Superbowl Party Beer Themed! Get creative – build things, make things, cook things, mix things with beer! The commercials and appetizers always hog the spotlight… it’s beer’s turn. [Read more…]

Everything Bloody-Mary For Your Superbowl Party!

Drink Of The Month: The Classic Bloody Mary!

bloody mary bar picture

The ultimate staple drink you’ll find at any classy Superbowl party. I have found everything-bloody-mary for your party, from mixes and garnishes to spices and apps. The total package to make your Bloody Mary Bar amaze-balls.

bloody mary bar signClassic Bloody Mix

Get the recipe here

classic bloody mary mix

Bloody Mary Garnishes

Such things as pickled jalapenos, pepperocinis, bacon, olives, stuffed olives, hard-boiled eggs, pickle slices, celery, shrimp, jerky and cheese! Get a full list of inspiration here.


Meat Straws

Get them here

meat straws

Pickle Infused Vodka

Here is how you do it!

pickel infused vodka

Bloody Essential Spices

Put these in your drink for some spice and flavor!

bloody mary spices

Muffaletta Skewers

Get the recipe here


Bloody Mary Meatballs

Learn how to make these tasty treats here!

bloody mary meatballs

Bloody Mary Tomato Bombs

Get the boozy recipe here! Great to put in your bloody or snack on all on their own!

Bloody Mary Salsa

Ever wanted to dip your chips in a bloody mary!? Well try it out here!

bloody mary salsa


Stay Inspired!

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