17 Must-Haves At Your Rainbow Party

It’s time to celebrate! Ever wanted to throw a color party but couldn’t decide on a color? Or how about a pride party and wanted some ideas on how to make it fabulous and unique? Here are some Rainbow Party ideas, from food, drinks, decor and games!! Well.. the one and only game… Enjoy!

Fruit and Veggie Trays

Rainbow Fruit Tray

rainbow veggie tray
Colorful Salsa


Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

rainbow cake

Rainbow Lemon and Orange

rainbow lemons

Buttercream Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes

rainbow swirl cupcakes

Lollipop Treats

lolipop gift

Rainbow Sangria

rainbow sangria

Champagne Sherbet Floats

champagne floats

Skittles Vodka

skittles vodka

Rainbow Backdrop

rainbow back drop


rainbow table cloth

Flower Centerpieces

rainbow centerpieces

Colorful Hanging Lanterns

rainbow lanters

Paper Plates

rainbow paper plates

Paper Straws

rainbow paper straws

The One-and-Only Twister


Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke

How to Throw a Glamorous Black & Gold New Year’s Bash

glitz new years


HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s right around the corner! And what a better way than to ring in the new year with a glamorous and fabulous glitzy-glam NY Eve Party! Here are some great ideas to make your party the talk-of-the-town!

DIY Glitter Champagne Bottles

glitter bottle


Black & Gold Tablescape

black gold tablescape


Glitter Tablecloths

glittery tablecloth


Mini Champagne Bottles

mini champagne


Gold Party Hats

gold hats


Game of Twister – For the Gold &Fabulous

twister game


Glamorous Bar

gold bar


Gold & Glitter Accessories

gold decor


Fabulous Cupcakes

cupcake martini


NY Eve Photo-booth Props

photo props


I hope your 2015 will be full of fabulous and glamorous parties and memories!

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke

13 Unique Ideas to Use at Your Next Outdoor Party

Outdoor Table Setting

Outdoor Table Setting


Doesn’t matter what your next outdoor party theme will be – here are some universal ideas to make it awesome. Some of these you can make yourself and others you can purchase just in time before the guests arrive!

1 – Table Lighting via String of Light Bulbs
Table Lighting Idea

Table Lighting Idea

2 – Tree Lighting – Brighten up the entire backyard and make it the center of attention
Tree Lighting Idea

Tree Lighting Idea

3 – Stair Lighting – Quick and easy idea to light up the backyard stairs
Stair Lighting Idea

Stair Lighting Idea

4 – Comfortable Seating – Treat your guests to the best seats in the house with plush, relaxing cushions
Outdoor Theater Seating

Outdoor Theater Seating

5 – Dinner Party Seating – mix and match with chairs and couches. Make it colorful!
Dinner Party Seating

Dinner Party Seating

6 – Campfire Seating – Quick, easy, and inexpensive way to set the mood
Campfire Seating

Campfire Seating

7 – Citronella Decorations – an elegant way to showcase light as you keep the mosquitoes at a distance
DYI Citronella Candle

DYI Citronella Candle

8 – The Ultimate S’mores Bar – need I say more?
S'mores Bar

S’mores Bar

9 – Drink Coolers – This is the most action your canoe will see all summer… let’s be honest
Beverage Boat

Beverage Boat

10 – Utensil Holders – spoons, forks and knives at each table – this idea is dedicated to those to seem to always forget to grab the utensils at the beginning of the buffet line…
Utensil Holder

Utensil Holder

11 – Yard Games & Entertainment – There are a lot more ideas than just Jenga… check it out!
Giant Yard Games

Giant Yard Games

12 – Bug Spray & Sunscreen – easily accessible for everyone
Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Bug Spray and Sunscreen

13 – Blankets – keep some warm blankets around for when the sun goes down.. find someone to cuddle with
Backyard Blankets

Backyard Blankets

There’s only a few weeks left of Summer – so turn your next outdoor summer party into a memorable one.

Stay Inspired !