Drink Of The Month – 10 Awesome Margaritas

margarita Collage

Time to bust out the blender and get those margaritas flowin’! Instead of sharing the same old, safe recipes that we grown to love – like strawberry, lime, pomegranate (yum!) I wanted to bring you an array of unique and new margaritas flavors to try!

1 – Green Tea Margarita

green tea margarita

2 – Lavender Margarita

lavendar margarita

3 – Beet-arita

beet margarita

4 – Avocado Margarita

avacado margarita

5 – Champagne Margarita


6 – Spicy Cucumber Margarita


7 – Kiwi Margarita

kwi margarita

8 – Chili Lime Mango Margarita

chili lime mango margarita

9 – Beer-garita


10 – Grapefruit Jalapeno Margarita


Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke