13 Excuses To Throw A Party And Bring Some Sass To Your Glass With Clingks

clingks drink markers on white wine

Do people call you funny? Witty? Creative? Snarky? Sassy? A little out there? Inspired?! Do you wish you could “label” your friends when you party – because Lauren can be a real “Diva” when she drinks. Here’s your chance! There’s always an opportunity to throw a party. Now you may be thinking “Uh, I don’t think so Nicole.” But you’re wrong! There is! And now you can come up with your own sassy drink markers with Clingks! Customize your order today! Here are some party inspirations (just a few to get your creative juices flowing) on how and when to use Clingks at your next gathering!


Hand them out to your guests – customize them with your wedding colors.

weddings clingks

Bachelorette Parties

Time to get naughty and make it a great last-single-girl’s night out!

bachelorette party


Don’t forget to wear your birthday suit!

happy birthday

Girl’s Night

We all need some girl time.. because we all know what we talk about at a girl’s night *wink*

girls night

Dinner Party

Let your guests choose their personality tonight.

dinner party

Pool Party

Maybe even a themed pool party? Think it up with help from Clingks!

pool party drink

Office Party

Because Erik has always been the creepy “Skirt Chaser” in the office and he needs to know it.

office party

Game Day

Time to publicly embarrass those loser friends who cheer for the wrong team!

football party

New Year’s Eve

Ring in the New Year with some humor.


St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone is “Bottle Fed” on St. Paddy’s Day.

st patricks day party

4th Of July

Label your drinks with Clingks so you can find your cocktail during the fireworks!

4th of july party

Halloween Party

Let your evil and wicked, or gross and gruesome juices flow with Halloween themed drink labels.

halloween party

Christmas Party

Separate your guests between whose been naughty or nice!

christmas party

What are your parties ideas? Order your own customized set of Clingks today!

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke

13 Ways To Use Clingks

clingks drink markers with govino stemless wine glasses

Need a little inspiration on how to use your Clingks Drink Markers?! Awesome to give as gifts or to use at the party you are throwing. There are an infinite number of ways and ideas on how to utilize your Clingks, but here are some really great ideas from our customers!

1 – New Year’s Eve Party

happy new year


Ring in the New Year by putting sassy Clingks on your champagne cocktails!

2 – Birthday Party

happy birthday

Treat the b-day girl with the gift of Clingks! Or pass ’em around to the guests and have fun picking out hilarious names for each other!

3 – Dinner Party

Dinner Party Seating Strategy

Having multiple guests over that may or may not know each other too well yet? Clingks is a great ice breaker when having multiple friend groups meet!

4 – Stocking Stuffers

santa stocking stuffer

All of our customers have said that Clingks was the perfect stocking stuffer!

5 – Holidays


Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, St. Patty’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s, Ground Hog Day! Whatever floats your boat!

6 – Girl’s Night

Ladies-Night girls night

Take on the night! No boys allowed! Go crazy and pick your cheeky personalty for the evening!

7 – Bachelorette Party


A night to get wild and let loose! Bring as a gift for the bride-to-be or as the accessory to use for the night!

8 – Football Parties

Game Day Tablescape

Whether it’s college, pro, or the Superbowl you need to label your drink, honey!

9 – Hostess Gift

add a set of Clingks drink markers to a bottle of wine for a unique hostess gift

A perfect way to say thanks without being over the top!

10 – At the Beach


Soak up the rays and class up any beach Party!

11 – Weddings


A great idea to lay out for each table to choose their own fun labels – or even use as a party favor!

12 – Gift Basket

wine lovers gift basket with Clingks

Have a wine and cheese lover in your life? Add Clingks to their gift basket!

13 – For the Wine Lover

Vino sign made of corks

The wine lover in your life will also appreciate any and all wine related gifts. This is perfect for them to show off their newest accessory!


What ways have you used Clingks?!

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke