18 Foods Made With The One Best Ingredient: Wine


Maybe I’ve been on recipe-finding binge lately, or maybe I’m in a wine-obsessed mood 🙂 But I wanted to show the world how you could find great tasting recipes using wine! Red and white (I don’t discriminate). Drink and eat your wine… what a world we live in. Enjoy these 18 recipes! (Psst, this weekend is perfect timing to try some of these out if you’re having a football pot-luck!)

1 – White Wine Cake

white wine cake 2 pn

2 – Red Wine Chocolate Cake

chocolate red wine loaf

3 – Red Wine Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese Tartlets

red wine carmalized onions and goat cheese

4 – Peach Wine Popsicles


5 – Red Wine Beef Stew

red wine beef stew

6 – Strawberry Moscato Cake


7 – Red Wine Truffles


8 – Red Wine Poached Pears

red wine poached pears

9 – Red Wine Cookies

red wine cookies

10 – Slower Cooker Red Wine Roast Beef


11 – White Wine Cheese Fondue

white wine cheese fondue

12 – Red Wine Hot Chocolate


13 – Red Wine Ice Cream

red wine ice cream

14 – Moscato Ice Cream

moscato ice cream

15 – Red Wine Brownies

red wine brownies

16 – Merlot Meatballs

merlot meatballs

17 – Cheesecake With Wine Gelee


18 – Wine Butter

wine butter

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke

Friday Giveaway: What Kind of Ologist Are You?

ologist in the mountains

ologist in the mountains

Facebook question of the week:  What kind of ‘ologist’ would you be (or are you already)?  

I love this picture of  ‘ologist’ from the Occupations set of Clingks drink markers.  It looks so fancy, even though they are not intended to be fancy.  Shows how versatile they are.  I took this in Scottsdale with the sun setting behind me as it lit up the mountains.  I love the way the landscape reflects in the glass of wine.  Not unlike the way the landscape flavors the grapes as they’re growing… but I digress.

‘ologist’ is one of my favorite sayings… it could be so many things!  For example, I am an ologist… a cosmetologist.  My son wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up.  The ologist of this photo could be a geologist for their appreciation of the mountains and what they’re made of.

So, I ask you, what kind of ‘ologist’ are you?


–This giveaway has ended.  Check back for the next one!–