Thanksgiving Hacks To Keep You Sane

Everyone is going to get their fill of turkey, beer, and football this Thanksgiving. Make sure you have the essentials on hand! Don’t have a panic attack just yet… here are some Thanksgiving hacks to make sure you are prepared for anything! Gobble gobble!

1 – Clingks – “I’m Thankful for…”

Instead of trying to have your guests remember which glass or beer bottle is theirs, spice it up with some drink markers tailored for Thanksgiving. If you want to come up with your own labels go here to place a custom order with Clingks. Better hurry!!thankful-for-image-cropped-580x439

2 – Slow Cooker As A Mash Potato Warmer

You’re going to have a 8 casseroles in the oven, and 10 pots that need to be on the stove, transport some things to the trusty ole crock pot to keep essentials warm


3 – Last-Minute Roasting Rack

Whatever you do.. DO NOT burn the turkey!

tinfoil roasting rack

4 – Keep Your Turkey Moist

Ice your turkey before cooking to keep it moist. And/or….

ice turkey

…you can use broth to keep it moist after its been cut


5 – Wash Your Potatoes In The Dishwasher

Sounds weird, but it’s a time saver

potato dishwasher

What other ideas do you have so you can stay sane this Thanksgiving?

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke