The “Lake Life” Survival Kit

When life hands you a lake… your build a cabin on it and swim, eat, drink and play until you have to go back to work!!! Before packing up the SUV and hooking up the boat, make sure to double-check your list. Does it include an awesome unicorn floatie for your beer? No? Well then you’re not finished with your list. Add these 6 extremely necessary things (PS, you may have to stop at a grocery store on the way to the cabin) and I guarantee a good ole time at the lake 🙂  

Lake Life – Clingks

Not only are these Clingks made for the very essence of Lake Life, but you need to be able to claim your drink when you’re chillin’ on the pontoon

whether you have a lake home or just dream of one, these fun drink markers from Clingks will put you in a lakeside state of mind.

Walking Tacos

The perfect way to eat and avoid dishes!! Tacos are amazing, and can be messy. See blow for the recipe

Here is what you do:
  • *Open the chip bag of your choice
  • *Dump in desired ingredients
  • *Shake around
  • *Enjoy with a fork because we aren’t animals!!
Ingredient choices!
  • *Seasoned beer or turkey or shredded chicken (or whatever meat you like… or yes of course no meat)
  • *Lettuce
  • *Tomatoes
  • *Onions
  • *Guac
  • *Salsa
  • *Cheese
  • *Sour cream
  • *And of course snack-sized bags of chip! Doritos, Tortilla, Fritos, etc… anything you’d prefer to go with your walking taco 🙂

Pineapple Rum Punch for All

Super easy way to play bartender! Once! See the recipe below

 What you need:
  • *3 cups ginger ale
  • *3 cups pineapple juice
  • *1 cup Malibu Rum (or any rum)
  • *1 cut up pineapple for garnish

Mix together and ba-zing!! A super easy and fast way to get people the buzz they deserve at the lake. Aren’t you the nicest host ever! 🙂


I just think this is adorable!! Get it on Etsy from KinderRae here

Unicorn Drink Floatie

You AND your cocktail both need floaties 🙂 Get yours on Etsy from GoodieGoodieSurprise here

Giant Yard Game – Yardzee!

YAHTZEE!!!!!! Get your Giant Yard Game made on Etsy by waterlilydesigns2016 here

giant yard game

What else do YOU need at the Lake??

Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke