5 Virgin Mojito Recipes

photo courtesy of WikiHow.com

photo courtesy of WikiHow.com

It’s always a good idea to serve a fun, non-alcoholic cocktail at your party.  Drivers and those who want a break from drinking still want flavor and fun, they just don’t want to end up getting drunk.   At summer parties, or even end-of-summer parties, a mojito is super-refreshing.  Here’s a list of links to some great recipes for virgin mojitos – that taste as good as the original without the kick.

I ended up making my own version based on a delicious one (okay, two) I had in London, and I will share that with photos in another post… stay tuned!

From WikiHow and the image above:  

From the Blue Owl in NYC via Food & Wine:  Virgin Mojito

From Difford’s Guide: Apple Virgin Mojito (Mocktail)

From Celebrations.com: Sweet and Tangy Spinach Mamajito

From Babyzone via Offbeat Bride: Mock Mojito