Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Party


Get your guests the deets – make sure to include the costume party on the invite (more to come)



Mini Brain Cupcakes

Made form cute little brain molds

mini brain cupcakes

Zombie Cake Pops

You don’t have to be an artist to create these


Zombie Intestines

Puff pasty entrails

zombie intestines

Barciole Arm

Beef, steak, prosciutto and tasty herbs.. all rolled up into a delicious dead arm.

bracolie arm


Brain Shooters

What you will need:

-Strawberry vodka

-Lime juice



bloody vrain shooters

Zombie Punch

Ingredients you’ll need:

-Frozen Limeade

-Frozen lemonade

-Lemon/lime soda


-Lime sherbert

zombie punch

Custom Clingks

Use #porchdick in your order and receive an instant discount!

Custom Clingks signage copy


Don’t Open Dead Inside

Set the mood from the moment they walk in the door

dont open dead inside prop

Zombie App – Zombie Booth

Download this app and make your our zombie pictures to use as decoration

zombie app

Fake Blood

All you need is:

-Corn Syrup

-Red food dye

-Corn starch

-Chocolate syrup

-Cocoa powder

fake blood


Dress up as your favorite character for the party! Here is some inspiration

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

Daryl Dixon

Daryl dixon collection

Maggie Greene

maggie greene


zombie costume

What are some other MUST HAVES for the Walking Dead Premiere?

And remember, season 6 premieres Feb 14, 2016


Stay Inspired!

nicole longendyke