Wedding Gift-Giving Etiquette

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Stick To The Registry!

It’s common courtesy to buy from the registry. It’s there for you for a reason.. so you don’t have to think! Just pick something! They’ve spent a lot of time and energy picking out what they want in what color, so don’t go outside the box.

Ship it Don’t Bring it

With most of their items on the registry available online these days, it’s super convenient to just ship it to the bride and groom. Plus, they’ll have their address already re-entered in there for you.After the reception, the last thing they will want is to stuff a million gifts of all sizes in their car (or limo).

If you do have to bring it with you, find the gift table and see if a family member is helping gather the gifts. Or send it the couple later.

How Much To Spend – Don’t Be Cheap

If you think about it, the bride and groom are shoveling out a lot of dough for your meal and open bar tab, so the least you could do is return the favor. According to the knot, spend no less than $50. Here is a guideline depending on your closeness to the couple:

Coworker; distant relative; distant family friend: $50-75

Relative; friend: $75-100

Close relative; close friend: $100-150

Uber-friend; immediate family: $150+

Give a Gift as a Group

They say, couples are most pleased when receiving the biggest/expensive gifts on the registry, so get a group of old college friends together and chip in! They’ll love it!

The “One Year Rule” Is Dead

Back to the internet… you really have no excuse to wait a full year to give a gift. The new trend is you have 3 months from after the wedding to send a gift. The longer you wait, the less there will be to choose from in your budget to give.

The Cost of Travelling vs Cost of the Gift

According to Style Caster If you have to shell out some of your own money to travel to the wedding, pay for a hotel, plane, or gas, time off work, etc.. it is ok to give less of a gift – find your balance of what you think is fair. But be sure to bring something.

What’s the Deal on Cash Gifts

Cash gifts are not tacky or rude. Whatever anyone says, cash is awesome. And the bride and groom think so too! Some couples may even put in their registry “contributions to our honeymoon acceptable”, or something along those lines. Cash, check, whatever – if you aren’t up to shop, just drop ’em some dolla’ dolla’ bills.


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